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How To Focus On Studying For Exams: 12 Top Techniques


If you have a strong desire to learn something it can be easier to focus all of your attention in one place. Do you also find it challenging to focus on studying for exams? Paying all your attention to studying is tough and Exams can be scary for students. Whether you are a Ph.D. Or someone starting school, finding out how to stay focused on studying is a big challenge. There are many distractions you may face while studying, useless thoughts like breakfast this morning, the funniest movie you saw last night, upcoming drama. Smartphones, tablets, magazines, and siblings can also distract you. A focused mind, proper nutrition, and a distraction-free room is essential things to focus on studying for exams. You should also take breaks and try different study techniques so don’t lose interest.

Learn how to train the mind to be stronger than emotions because all these things are easier to say than done. If you are also facing the same problem, here are some of the best tips and techniques that I have come up with to help you focus and concentrate while studying.

12 Top techniques to focus on studying for exams

Shut your devices off

It’s not a good idea to study with your devices. As soon as you get a notification, you are going to look. So, Turn off all distraction devices and put them in another room. Tell your study time to your friends and family so they know not to contact you unless there is an emergency.

Choose a comfortable environment

Your study spot must have enough space to hold all your material like books, laptops, notes, and stationery. Here is the list of the best comfortable environment to focus on studying for exams.

  • Your room
  • Library
  • Bookshop
  • Coffee shop
  • Park
  • Empty classroom

Schedule your time

You should schedule your study session strategies for different subjects. Studying the same subject for too long can be boring for you. It’s much easier to push yourself to study according to the schedule. You need to make a schedule of 60 minutes for a study session with a 10 to 15 minutes break. Are you early bird or night owl? Some people wake up early and spend this peaceful time for studies. Some people love to study at night. Find the best time in a day that works for you.

Use your headphones while studying

Listening to traditional music is another way to focus on studying for exams. Using headphones or headphones can also improve your learning concentration. In this way, you have fewer chances of interruption.

Nutritious food

Nutrition is the primary key to being active and motivates you to study. Dark chocolate, blueberries, nuts, seeds are great sources of nutrition. Never drink too much caffeine, energy drinks, or sweets. Water is better than caffeine in increasing focus and concentration. Always choose a healthy diet because healthy food gives you more energy and stimulates your brain to focus on studying for exams.

Get enough sleep

Yes, proper sleep is very necessary for building focus and concentration on studies. Because when you sleep your brain starts storing information in your memory. If you do not take proper sleep your brain will get messy and it can effects badly on your brain, mood, and concentration.

Keep a record of your task

Keep a record of your task to focus on studying for exams. It will remind you you are productive and can keep you inspired. Now it is also important to know which subjects require more time and which subjects require less time.

Do exercise

Exercise is not only good for your body, but it is also good for your mind. Recent studies show that exercise increases your concentration and blood flow to the brain. It will help with memory, mood, alertness, and feelings. Do short-term exercises as touching your toes, body stretches, and lifting a small weight. You can also play concentration games like chess and sudoku to improve your concentration.

Answer your internal questions

Negative: This question is very tough I can’t learn it.

Positive: This question is tough, but I can try to learn it.

Negative: I hate this boring subject.

Positive: This subject is boring, but I have to study because so that I can succeed.

You need to acknowledge your negative thoughts and try to change them into positive thoughts. This method makes you more inspired and more focused on exam study.

Organize study groups

Studying with friends and classmates is often very helpful than studying alone. In study groups, you can share your ideas and concepts and learn from them as you would from a teacher. Choose five to six people in a group because more members can make scheduling difficult. This is a great idea, but the main point is you have to make your group successful.

Study with different techniques

Never limit yourself to one study method like a reading textbook. The variety will keep you motivated and interested in your studies. There are different research-proven techniques like Study cards, pre-tests, self-quizzing, and watching informational videos can increase focus on studying for exams.

Do the most difficult task first

If you complete the least pleasant task first, then the rest of the work will seem easier in comparison. So you should read difficult subjects first it will motivate you and also increase your focus on studying for exams. Figure out fast whether you will need extra help to learn something.


How to focus on studying for exams is something that all students struggle with. There are many answers to this question. As I describe in this article there are different ways to focus on studying for exams. So follow the above tips and techniques from this article and work them into your routine. If you follow these tips, you will find that your study time will become more enjoyable and productive!

Do you use another method and technique that weren’t mentioned above? I’d love to hear them.

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