Thursday, June 20, 2024

The ACTUAL Justification for Coffee Drinking


In this video, I will share some of the benefits of coffee. If you wake up and drink a cup of coffee, your health becomes fresh. Or have you heard it? But today in simple words, I will tell you some important reasons why one must drink a cup of coffee daily. But if drinking coffee makes you feel uneasy or anxious, you do not feel good, your heart rate increases, you do not sleep properly, then you should avoid it completely and I do not recommend too much coffee, one cup a day is enough. Because drinking too much coffee makes the body feel overly stressed, this increases the production of stress causing hormones in the body, which are stress glades, which are adrenal glades. They get tired after working too much, which then becomes the reason for adrenal hormones or Imbalance of stress hormones which then increases the incidence. So now if it is so then why am I talking about drinking coffee, it is because coffee is a plant and this plant contains various plant chemicals which are called phytochemicals, one of them is There is caffeine and caffeine is a very important phytochemical. The benefits of coffee are diminished due to the caffeine present in it. And caffeine is not only in coffee, it is found in 30 different types of plants and its function is to protect the plant from the attack of insects. Be safe, actually this is an insecticide, so now an insect is killed by a chemical which is a poison, then how can it be good for us? The reason is that short term exposure to any toxin is short term stress in the body. It is good for the body, the body adapts and is able to prepare itself to deal with this stress in the future, as during exercise, stress causes wear and tear in the muscles, but the new muscle fibers that are formed are stronger than before. This is a classic example of short-term stress. Now what is coffee actually? Are these the seeds of the coffee plant? Fermentation takes place in them and yeast is produced. When various insects or bacteria react with these coffee beans and Due to this fermentation, their flavor and other qualities increase, the biggest quality of which is driving away sleep, increasing alertness, it keeps us awake and this happens because a chemical is naturally present in our body which is used from morning to evening. As we go through our day, its level increases, its name is Adenosine. Our sleep and relaxation are responsible for Adenosine and caffeine blocks the function of Adenosine. Basically, where Adenosine comes and attaches itself to the receptors in the brain, these receptors If it gets moist then Adenosine is not able to reach the brain and the sleep signal to the brain gets delayed, hence sleep does not come, one does not feel tired. Apart from this, there are many other health benefits of caffeine help. Improves mental clarity, improves focus, increases ability to remember things, improves memory learning, cognitive function, helps in digestion and increases metabolism.

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