Sunday, May 12, 2024

How to Stop (Nicotine, Alcohol, & Drugs) Addictions


Today I am going to give you very important information which will make it very easy to give up your cigarettes, drugs, nicotine, alcohol or any kind of bad habit. No matter what kind of addiction it is, there is one thing common in all of them and it is related. Directly from the mitochondria present in our cells, which are also called the body’s energy factory and power house, the energy produced from whatever we eat is produced in the mitochondria, then the entire body is able to do all its work using this energy. Now people who People are addicted to something, whether it is drug addiction or eating disorders. Addiction means getting addicted to something, feeling the need to do that thing again and again. It means they feel that it is not possible for them to survive without it. There is a lack of a chemical ND. ND converts food into energy. It evolves in about 500 different types of biochemical reactions in our body, which include glucose metabolism, cellular repair, stress management, aging and immunity. It means survival of a person without it. I am not sure you might have heard about ND supplements but I will not talk about ND supplements here, I want to talk about its pre-cursor and it is made up of vitamin B3 and nisin. It is also used to reduce cholesterol in the body. It is known that it increases HDL or good cholesterol in the body, but along with this it also does many other things. There is a lot of research on this but if it is talked about less, then what happens is that when someone starts smoking. If a person does this or starts taking drugs, then gradually the demand for ND in the body starts increasing and its deficiency occurs because all the ND that is being produced starts being used in repairing the damage that is caused by this disease. Due to addiction, what is happening in the body is that the cells start getting damaged. Due to the addiction, oxidative stress is increasing, the cells start breaking down and on the other hand, deficiency of NOS also starts. ND is formed from NOS. Because due to damaged digestive system and liver, the body is not able to process the nutrients obtained from the diet, its version is not able to be produced and when the demand increases, the body is not able to cope up, hence the supply of these nutrients is limited. Due to this, ND is not able to be formed, then if someone smokes or takes alcohol or drugs, then the chemicals present in these things enter the body and start competing with ND, do not allow ND to work, and start competing with ND. It has to be increased so that the problems arising in the body due to these addictions are solved. Now the question is how to compensate for the deficiency of ND because this issue cannot be solved by dosage alone. To make ND It requires a lot of drugs in large quantities and then the people who are addicted have a lot of energy deficit, the neurons are not working properly and even if they end the addiction successfully, their body still suffers.

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