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How to train the mind to be stronger than emotions?


In this article, I wanna talk about how to train the mind to be stronger than emotions. This topic is probably one of my favorite topics. Every person has some goals, dreams, or ambitions in life, but they fail to achieve them. And the main reason for this is not being mentally strong enough to achieve any goal, dream, etc. If you are in a situation like this, instead of getting confused, think about strengthening your brain muscles so that you can make your dreams come true. 

Train the mind to be stronger than emotions

The mind is stronger than the emotions in the sense that it’s possible to force oneself to feel certain emotions. Consider the example of going to a movie. The audience goes and knows already that they will most likely cry. This does not mean that it is impossible not to cry. It is possible in this example for the person to force themselves to hold back their emotions. The same can be applied to other things. Consider the example of a person going to the gym. They go to the gym knowing that they will feel uncomfortable at first, but the more they go, the fitter and healthier they will become. This is an example of the mind being stronger than emotions. The mind can force itself to feel good, no matter what the emotional side may be saying. Here are some simple steps you can follow to train the mind to be stronger than emotions:


Practice naming your emotions

Giving a name to your feelings reduces their intensity, so if you are feeling sad, anxious, irritated, or scared, admit it too. Focus on how those emotions affect your choices, such as in the case of anxiety, you may not be willing to take risks to achieve a goal, or you may be more anxious when you are excited. Practice naming your emotions to train the mind to be stronger than emotions. Raising awareness of your emotions will also reduce your chances of making emotional decisions.

Healthy ways to deal with uncomfortable emotions

Naming your emotions is part of the battle, you also need the ability to control them or think about how you deal with them right now, like you eat more when you are confused? Turn out when angry? Sit at home on mental anxiety? Such strategies can help you feel better mentally for a while, but have the worst effects on a long-term basis. Think of skills that are beneficial on a long-term basis, each person may have different thinking in this regard, some things can be adopted such as deep breathing, exercise, meditation, study, and spending time in nature Etc. These healthy ways help you to train your mind to be stronger than emotions.

Identification of negative thinking

Your way of thinking also affects feelings and behavior. Like I can’t do it or I’m stupid, don’t let it get mentally stronger. Identification of negative thinking helps you to train the mind to be stronger than emotions. Focus on your ideas, you will see common themes and patterns in them, reacting to harmful ideas helps to get rid of them, so instead of feeling like a failure, remind me that it is up to me to emerge.

Positive steps

The best way to train your brain is to change the way you think, work hard, and keep trying even if you think you can’t do it. Just prove to yourself that you are stronger than you think. Adopt healthy daily habits such as exercise, proper sleep, a healthy diet, and thanksgiving, so that the mind and body can perform at their best.

Get rid of bad habits

Good habits are not effective until you get rid of bad habits; it is as if you are eating a weight gain diet while exercising. Identify bad habits that are common to all enemies of mental strength, such as low self-esteem or jealousy of other people’s success.

Balance emotions with logic

Whether you have a difficult financial decision or family problems, you can make the best decision only when there is a balance between emotion and logic. In emotional situations, try to make decisions based on logic and reason. The best way to balance your emotions is to list the pros and cons of your choices. With this list, you can make the best decisions without being emotional.

How to train the mind to be stronger than your emotion

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is also very helpful to train the mind to be stronger than emotions. Gratitude has been linked to happiness as well as physical and psychological benefits. According to a study, grateful people are 25% happier than others. So whether you make it a habit to be thankful at the breakfast table in the morning or keep repeating it before going to bed at night, train your mind to find the good things in life. This can be the easiest and most effective way to promote your well-being.

Keep the mind healthy

Self-talk has a profound effect on your life. Your brain must be strong if you want to reach your maximum potential. By exercising your brain every day, you can lead it to success and happiness.

5 tips to keep your brain healthy

Try to learn something new every day

It can be anything like reading a new cooking recipe and trying to learn it or understanding the meaning of a new word or taking a new route to your office. Getting out of the routine and doing something new creates a new vigor in the mind and helps train the mind to be stronger than emotions.

Play different brain games

Brainstorming means you are challenging your brain more. The brain has a lot of work to do in solving crosswords, chess, or other puzzles. Researchers believe that the best brain games for adults are very beneficial for the brain. Play brain games such as puzzles, in which the brain has to work a lot.

Learning a new language

This is a very interesting and very positive exercise. Familiarity with more than one language leads to a healthy brain in old age. Learning different languages, understanding, and speaking them have the same effects on the brain, muscles as a puzzle, and basic math exercises. It also helps the brain cope with difficult situations.


physical exercise is the best way to control cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar. These exercises are also beneficial for the brain. 30 minutes to an hour of daily exercise such as yoga, walking, cycling, swimming, are very easy and full of fun. They also help the brain adapt to the weather and train the mind to be stronger than emotions.

Sleep is very important

Sleep is as important to our lives as food and water. Any lack or excess of sleep directly affects our immune system. Whatever the reason, lack of sleep can seriously affect mental health.  It causes mental illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s. According to a study by Britons from the UK’s Royal Society for Public Health, 17% of people in the United States suffer from insomnia. One in three young people also suffers from insomnia. It is very important to make a bed schedule at night. Just as sleep deprivation can lead to depression and other illnesses, too much and untimely sleep can seriously affect mental health.

Bottom lines:

Train the mind to eliminate emotions and the better your mind will become at making decisions. Before you take any action, you should evaluate the situation from all angles. You should consider, what are your goals and what are you willing to sacrifice in order to accomplish them? It is important to remember that all decisions can have consequences, so avoid making rash decisions. Think carefully, and you’ll notice that you make better decisions than with an emotional mind.


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