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How to Quickly Grow Thick, Long Eyelashes!


Today I will talk about which glands are required in our body to grow eyelashes thick and long and I will talk about the reason why they become thin and why they lose their normal beauty. There are approximately 200 hair follicles on the eyelid and the hair of the eyelashes that emerge from these follicles pass through two stages, one is the growth phase and the other is the resting phase and when the eyelashes reduce and become short or thin, then in The issue occurs in one of these two stages. There is some difficult medical terminology. There is some technical love which I will try to simplify so that you can understand it easily and know the real root cause behind it. If we just If we understand the basic concept, an eyelash is actually a protein. Protein is made by mixing amino acids. Amino acids are made from trace minerals. Just as the raw material used to build a house, which is a building block, is brick, similarly, the raw material of protein is Trace minerals are Zinc Iron Copper Iodine Selenium meaning these are those minerals which are required in our body in very less quantity but are required for normal functioning, hence trace minerals are used in making amino acids. Amino acids are then used in making amino acids. They are involved in making proteins and these proteins are then used by the body. They are connected to each other in a certain way and when any trace mineral is missing in the body then a malfunction occurs in this system and the structure gets spoiled. It is like this that The dryness of the soil is due to the minerals present in it. The more dry the soil is, the healthier the plants will be in it and when the soil is not good and all these minerals are not present in it, then the plants start getting spoiled. These bad plants are then eaten by animals. Then if humans eat the meat of these animals, then we cannot call this meat as healthy meat because it does not contain the essential fatty acids which our body needs for growth because these trace minerals are used in making enzymes and in making vitamins. As it is very important to have them in making B12 antioxidants, now if we investigate further and understand this mechanism then the reason for this is the lack of prostate glanding in the body. Prostate glanding is a very deep medical word. In simple language, it is a signal molecule. It is similar to hormones and works as a signal in the body. It carries the message throughout the body and this message contains instructions for the body as to what to do and how to function. So, this is the function of the prostate gland. Due to deficiency, hair follicles get swollen, hair loss occurs and sometimes it also happens that these prostaglandins increase in the body, there is a rush in the body, various types of signals are coming, the body is not able to process it so quickly. If you follow these instructions then headache starts. For example, if someone takes aspirin for headache, then it is blocking some prostaglandins in the body.

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