Positivethougts publish information on the importance and benefits of utilizing positive language. You will find here a great selection of articles and books to educate you on the benefits of this interesting subject. Join us on this wonderful journey because Together, we can achieve our goal is to make the world a better place by empowering people to love, kindness, gratitude, hate less, and do good in the world.


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Iqra Shahzad

Founder & writer

Iqra shahzad is the writer and founder of this website. She is a full time freelance writer living in Pakistan. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in information technology. Her passion for the pen has urged her to write more and more. Away from her laptop, she enjoys a good cup of coffee, watching tv shows, good movies, and reading novels.


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Fahad Arshad

Director & writer

Fahad Arshad is a very young and passionate writer currently living in Pakistan. He is student of two-year pre-medical course and joined positivethougts in 2020. He love helping businesses grow with the magic of the written word. Fahad is also graphic designer and youtuber. It’s safe to say his passions are many. His mission? To use each and every one of them for the greater good.

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