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Recognizing the Six Stages of Fasting


There are six stages of fasting and what changes take place in the body in each stage. The importance of fasting has been discussed in detail in previous videos. Today in this video I will talk about the stages of fasting. The first stage comes after eight to 14 hours. During the period in which the blood sugar level starts becoming stable, if the sugar in the blood has increased then it starts becoming normal because in this stage the body starts using the sugar present in the blood and the sugar stored in the muscles which is called glycogen, which is The increased sugar level starts coming down. Now where does this sugar come from? When we eat something, the body breaks down the food, blends it and converts it into glucose and glucose is sugar, just as a car needs petrol to run. Similarly, the body needs glucose for normal functioning. The fuel or petrol of the body to work throughout the day is sugar, so this happens in the first 10 to 14 hours. Now in the 10th hour, the body which first needs sugar. Now since the sugar is decreasing, the body now starts converting glucose at 50 and fat at 50. This is the fat which is stored in the body due to overeating, whenever a person fulfills his daily requirement. If a person eats more calories than he needs, these extra calories get stored as fat in the body and then this fat is kept as a reserve for use in emergency so that when food is less, the body can use it. Now glucose is being used at 50 and fat is being used at 50. This is the stage in which a big change starts in the body. Now the body slowly starts leaving sugar and going towards fat, fat gets burnt and Then the next stage is during 14 to 24 hours. In this stage, the body gets used to fat as a fuel source. It starts liking this fat. One reason for this is that the fuel made from fat is premium fuel. What happens is this is called ketosis and the fuel made from sugar which is glucose is a normal fuel for the body, so the body definitely chooses premium fuel, then the liver helps the body and starts converting fat into ketose, the result of which is That is, now the cravings go away, the appetite reduces, the body which was dependent on sugar, now this dependency reduces because now it has got premium fuel or alternative fuel source, energy starts getting restored, mood starts getting better. Anxiety starts reducing, focus increases, cognitive function, memory concentration and this is my own personal experience and I have felt that in this stage my decision making capability becomes good, always a good decision is taken, results are good, problem solving potential increases. Then the next stage is 24 to 36 hours, it comes into prole fasting. At this time your body has entered the full keto state, fat is being burnt, liver is making ketoses, appetite decreases because grayling. The production of appetite stimulating hormone decreases, there is a drop in it and another thing is BDNF brain derivative hormone.

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