Sunday, May 12, 2024

DRINK ONE CUP OF GARLIC WATER DAY to Prevent Strokes and Heart Attacks


Today I will share with you some such useful information in this video which is related to heart health and lessons. It is very strange that whenever heart health is talked about, those food items are talked about which are good for the heart. If it is good then it does not include lessons, it is less talked about, I think you should have this information, how powerful is the lesson and how useful it is in improving cardiovascular function, how good it is for heart health today. But I will talk about it and I will tell you the recipe of a very cheap and easy drink which is made from garlic. You can make it at home. Some studies about this drink came across my eyes in which its results were discussed that when When high blood pressure patients used this drink, its effect was seen to be similar to that of other blood pressure reducing medicines. The link to these studies is also present in the description of this video, but I understand that this is only one part of garlic. Garlic is beneficial along with many other diseases which are viral. Most of the cough and cold are viral. If you have any symptoms and it seems like the beginning of the disease, then you should immediately eat garlic. Then it is antifungal. If there is fungal infection in the body. If a white film appears on the tongue, then use Leson because Leson is an excellent antifungal. Often, after a round of antibiotics, the risk of fungal infection increases because the good bacteria present in the friendly cells of the body stop this fungal growth. It is kept under control and antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria, so this is a side effect, so at this time if you use garlic then it is very good, it counters candida which is a type of fungus, garlic is antibacterial. It is also a natural antibiotic that nature has created for us. It kills bacteria. It is very good for TB. Even H. Pylori which is a major cause of ulcers. It kills worms and parasites. If you have been watching my videos for some time now. So you must be knowing that due to high level of insulin in the body, which diseases are born like fatty liver, diabetes, obesity and the lesson is so powerful that it can directly solve these diseases just by normalizing the insulin, which is the issue of insulin resistance. In which the sugar present in the blood is not able to enter the cells due to which the sugar keeps increasing outside. When the insulin stops working then the lesson normalizes the insulin and makes the cells more sensitive due to which not only the blood sugar level becomes normal but also It also fixes other diseases such as fatty liver which occurs due to excess insulin. Then some studies also support the fact that garlic is very good for arthritis. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of garlic, so if any Be it rain, tendonitis or arthritis, it manages them very well by reducing the pain. Various clinical trials have been conducted on Lasan, out of which 43 support the fact that the use of Lasan is beneficial for the heart.

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