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If you don’t get enough hours of sleep each night, this is what happens


Do you know how badly the body suffers from sleeping for 5 hours or less every day? What changes occur in the body? Nowadays, it is very common to stay awake till late at night every day. It is very difficult to get five or six hours of sleep. Seven or very few people are able to get eight hours of sleep. So I will talk about some symptoms that can make the body badly tired because when sleep is not complete and the body is not rested properly, it can have huge consequences for the body. Unable to function, I remember that even in my childhood, or maybe even today, due to the environment in our house, sleep was always considered bad. I have grown up in a typical Punjabi family, and my father always heard me say that son who sleeps, he loses, the Urdu one and the Punjabi one too. I used to hear the same thing all the time, and I was woken up at 5:00 in the morning and made to sit down to study, but my sleep was very good, very deep sleep. Then, as I grew up, my sleep has not been the same, and I have even gone to such an extreme that I just lay down the whole night but could not sleep even for a minute. Anyway, ideal seven or maximum eight hours of sleep is very important, and a study was published in the BMC Public Health Journal. 35 years ago, the average sleeping window of a human being was 75 hours, which will now be reduced all over the world. People sleep less now, meaning if you compare it, even 20 years ago, if you see, an average human being was taking 6 hours of sleep. It went from 7-8 hours to 6 hours, and now it has been reduced to 5 or even less, and this is happening all over the world. Sleep is becoming less and less common. Now I don’t even understand what bad effects it is having on my health. It is important to understand why there is a need to sleep because what happens is that the body recovers only during rest, physical recovery, mental recovery, wear and tear in the muscles and tissues that the body uses in daily activities, and then there is the emotional and mental stress of professional life. We are making many decisions every day, having social interactions, meeting people, the brain needs time to recover, and while sleeping, hormones like IGF are being released. And growth hormone, melatonin, and cortisol hormone—these hormones help in this recovery, and if you are doing regular exercise, then recovery and growth of muscles happen only during sleep, fat gets burned, and many detoxification chains of chemical reactions are going on in the body. It happens that the body is detoxifying itself, and if you do not get enough sleep, then it cannot be implemented. The mind remains buzzing, there is daytime sleepiness, sleepiness remains throughout the day, mood changes, and mood swings, due to which decision-making becomes difficult. It gets worse, and it also gives birth to other mental problems, which include weak memory, loss of focus, attention deficit, inability to remain happy, depression, feeling irritable, and agitating issues, which are associated with mental health. That is why people who are victims of these problems. Psychotic drugs are given to people so that they can sleep. The second thing that I will mention is that, if you are a student, you are studying.

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