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Are You Ignored causes of a heart attack?


One problem that a heart patient faces is that when he discusses his masala, he is either unable to talk about what food to eat or which nutrients are more important for his heart, or the answer he gets is limited by this. Are you not able to be satisfied? The caste did not pay much attention to this matter because the heart of which we are a part is the part that has the biggest impact on the diet. What is the impact of a diet on the heart? Why should more attention be given to the diet? Some important points today. In this video, we will talk about the very basics. The first number is redmi, in which the heart beat suddenly increases or decreases, and the regular heartbeat is caused by the malfunction of the heart’s pacemaker, which is called a sino atrial note. It is that part of the heart that ensures the normal functioning of the four chambers by issuing electrical signals. Keeping the Space Capricorn in a rhythm helps the cells function normally. Calcium causes the cells to contract or swell. Magnesium is on the second number, which helps. It is in the heart to relax the muscles; how it works, we are not able to see today, but the body muscles also react like the heart muscles, in which the spice twitching, face or leg muscles tweeting, fluttering—one of the reasons for this is calcium. There is a deficiency of calcium, which is not being absorbed properly in the body. After this, there are cramps and a loss of consciousness. The reason for this is magnesium deficiency, which relaxes the muscles. Together, they reduce the love sound that comes from the heart. When the heart contracts aWhen the heart contracts and relaxes, the valves open and form bands, causing the blood to enter all four chambers and systolic and stoic blue pressures to be divided. hiamine impairs glucose metabolism, which impairs the function of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system gets disturbed. It is the body’s automatic system that continues to function, whether we like it or not. We cannot control this system by ourselves. The process of breathing, the process of heBreathing, heartbeat, heart rate, body temperature, and food digestion are all processes.  nervous system controls the function of urine, which is disturbed.  thiamine is one of the causes. After this, there is a deficiency of calcium due to a deficiency of vitamin D3, because vitamin D3 is calcium. It helps to judge calcium in the body; if its absorption increases by up to 20%, it is a calcium deficiency, and if there is excess calcium in the system, Vitamin K2 helps in removing it from the system. It helps with blood vessels and joints. Preventing calcium accumulation in the drains. Preventing plucking in the drains. You must do both of these together. When talking about the stomach, it is important for it to remain acidic. Due to the stomach being alkaline, calcium canBecause the stomach is alkaline, calcium cannot be transported into the body.  in the stomach is low. Calcium is not able to reach the muscles, which is why the spice of acid is common in the victims of redemia, and here acid means the acid coming into the drain repeatedly due to low acid levels in the medicine, not the intensity of the medicine.

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