Friday, July 12, 2024

The Greatest Foods to Help Loss of Hair


Today I am going to talk about those food items that you can eat that help grow hair. This video is not about taking any supplements; it is about those food items that help in the regrowth of hair. A few days ago, I came across this study, and it is very interesting. I thought I should share this information with you. This is a medical journal in which I read something that I had never heard before. An amino acid, which is a very rare amino acid, means a block of protein is missing in these people whose hair is falling. There is very important information that I will share with you in this video. I think that many of you It is known that hair is made up of protein, but will the lost hair come back by eating only protein? Literally, this is what it means, but then this approach does not work on every person. This paper has been published in it. It is mentioned that a small part of the protein was found missing in 90 people who were suffering from hair loss when they noted the deficiencies in hair loss in a group of these people, and this amino acid is histone. Now, this does not mean that from today on, you It is very important to know why it is actually deficient because it is not a common amino acid, our body does not produce it on its own, it is found in very few food items, and histone is the primary amino acid. Histamine is made from histone, and this molecule is part of the metabolic system of the body. It is useful in allergic reactions, inflammation, and healing. A deficiency of histone gives rise to anemia. Red blood cells in the body are reduced because we lack red blood cells. This amino acid is also needed to make it. If someone has eczema, then it helps in healing the skin or any kind of dermatitis or skin inflammation. But if histone is taken in too much quantity, it can cause premature ejaculation, and age can also be the cause of other glandular missiles. A side note: it is directly involved in making the keratin protein in the hair. It increases the strength of the hair, keeps the hydration of the scalp proper, and prevents water loss, which is necessary for healthy hair. Along with this, it also regulates zinc and copper levels in the body. Along with zinc and copper, it improves the absorption of binders and increases bioavailability. So, hair needs this amino acid very much. Now, if someone is on a particular type of medication, is undergoing a very strict antibiotic round, or is fond of smoking or alcohol, then with time this amino acid gets deficient in the body, or if someone’s stomach acid level is low. The acid level is low, and the stomach acid level is not complete because only when the stomach acid level is right will the body be able to break down the food properly, extract the amino acids, and absorb it properly. Now the interesting part of the whole discussion is that histone The body will also be able to use it properly if it has cofactors like B6, folate, copper, and zinc.

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