Thursday, June 20, 2024

The Best Treatment for Wrinkles and Dry Skin


I will talk about a great skin moisturizer that you can make at home. It is a proven formula. It has been used for a long time. Its chemistry is its chemical composition. It is similar to the skin’s own oil, which appears on the skin. When oil comes, it is called sebum. Sebaceous glades make this oil, and this remedy does not make the skin oily. It gets absorbed very well. Softness comes from the skin. A healthy glow comes. Let’s first understand this a little. The skin is the most important part of our body. It is a big organ, and when something is applied to the skin, it directly goes inside the body via the liver. It destroys parts of the body, and it is very strange how people use different types of chemicals, lotions, make-up, and many other things. We apply things to the skin without understanding it; it scrubs the skin, it gets sterilized, due to which its sensitivity increases, it itches, it becomes red, it becomes completely dry, and due to this dryness, the skin gets a signal that it needs more oil. Sebaceous glands become active and start producing more oil, which causes clogged pores and acne. The risk of infection also increases because sterilization destroys the friendly bacteria present on the skin, which cause this infection in the first place. They are preventing and protecting the skin. These good bacteria keep the number of bad bacteria under control. It is very important to understand that any such toxic compound or any artificial chemical can be applied to the skin. Do not apply it because, on the one hand, it will cause harm to the skin, and on the other hand, there is pollution in the in the environment, i.e., aluminum tainted, even the bathing water is not clean, it is the UV rays of the sun, UV radiation directly damages the skin cells, and more important is the diet—what do you eat? Do you drink? Do you not have too many trans fats in your food? Everything you eat becomes a part of the body and directly affects the skin. Some people go on a low-fat diet. Healthy fats are very important for healthy skin because the skin is made up of protein and fat. It is made of milk, and often the people who are dieting completely eliminate fats from their diet; even on the keto diet, they are taking only protein; they do not eat fats at all, or those people who are eating only plant proteins like soy protein isolates are fulfilling their protein intake from plant sources. They do not eat animal proteins at all. Wrinkles appear on their skin quickly. Skin aging speeds up because you are not getting enough collagen in it. The protein profile is incomplete. Omega 3 is missing. Which is very important for skin health; wrinkles appear quickly; we start looking old, and not only the skin but also the hair withers; overall aging speeds up; and if people are fond of eating junk foods and ultra-processed foods, artificial corn sugar is added to them. MSG is included, which is called Chinese salt; synthetic corn starch is included; and then all these things are mixed with oil.

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