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The Best Treatment for Dental Plaque (TARTAR)


I will tell you about an excellent remedy that you can make at home. Using it will eliminate the problem of tartar on the teeth. Tartar is a layer of yellow-colored calcium that starts accumulating around the teeth, and in some people, it goes deep into the gums and causes the gums to swell. In medical terminology, it is called gingiva itis. Due to gingiva itis, there is a bad smell in the mouth, and bleeding occurs while brushing. Actually, if you look at tartar, it is a small amount of bacteria. These are called housing colonies formed by bacterial biofilms, and bacteria live there by making similar biofilms. They like a moist environment. Sometimes, if you go to a forest and pick up a stone from the flowing water, then this The reason why slime slips from the hands is the presence of biofilms on them. Biofilms provide shelter for the bacteria and keep them safe from danger. Biofilms that accumulate on the teeth protect these bacteria from the immune system of the body, which keeps the body healthy. This protects them from this so that they can survive longer and increase their numbers. Similarly, if you ever go swimming, the floors and walls of swimming pools also become slimy if these people use chlorine and water-purifying chemicals. If you don’t do this, then bacteria start growing in them, and these biofilms do not just contain bacteria; they also contain fungus, yeast caned, and all these tiny moths like moist places, and their favorite food to eat is sugar, where they can get sugar and water. This becomes very relevant because the carbohydrates we eat, like flour, naan, pasta, pizza, pakora, and samosa, are all carbohydrates. These bacteria use the sugar present in the carbohydrates for fermentation and the waste product that is formed. The more bacteria there are, the more their waste is formed, and the more acid is formed, and this acid then becomes the reason for the breakage of teeth because this acid can break down calcium. Most of the teeth are made up of calcium. Due to this sabotage, teeth get damaged and cavities are formed. The remedy I am going to tell you about in this video is very effective; it is a cheap remedy; you can make it yourself at home; it is natural; and it takes care of dental hygiene. The date for cleaning teeth with various things is very old. In ancient Greece, honey, salt, and sea shells, which are sea shells, were burned, and their ashes were used to clean teeth. Similarly, when archaeologists examined the mummies found in ancient Egypt, these researchers noted that their teeth had deteriorated during their lifetime, and teeth and hair are the only two things in our body that are dehydrogenated even after death. They came to the conclusion that the reason for their teeth decay was that since beer and bread were used more in the diet and both of them contain sugar, which is the favorite diet of these little ones, this was one of the reasons why these people also started brushing their teeth.

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