Friday, July 12, 2024

Reduce Blood Pressure Instantly with This Easy Trick


I have some very interesting information that I want to share with you. There is a home remedy to reduce blood pressure, which I will talk about in this video. The interesting thing about this is that people at 95 have high blood pressure. This is called primary hypertension or idiopathic hypertension, meaning its cause is not known. This word, idiopathic, is used anywhere in medical terminology, so it means unknown cause. It is not yet known what the reason is for this, and this is the same. It is surprising that even after so much research, 95 cases of high blood pressure are idiopathic. The reason is not known, but yes, we will treat it. You just have to keep taking these medicines, and the blood pressure will remain normal. I will share. I think this is the true root cause; it is very easy to understand, and I will share a great technique with you by which you can normalize high blood pressure in just a few minutes. This is a very cheap method, or maybe your It doesn’t cost even a single rupee. First, let me share this information with you about why blood pressure is high or low. Blood pressure is the pressure that it produces when it hits the walls of the blood vessels. This pressure increases or decreases. There are many vessels in which blood viscosity increases. If the blood is thick, then the blood pressure will be high because the heart will have to work harder to pump it and carry it throughout the body through the blood vessels. So the pressure will increase. The heart output of blood will change. If the drains are not present in their original condition, there is no elasticity in them; they have become hard due to a bad lifestyle, due to trans fats, due to not being physically active, or smoking. Another big reason is the pressure of the blood passing through these drains. Then blood volume is a factor. If blood volume is high, then blood pressure will be high. If blood volume is low, there is a lack of water in the body, or there is blood loss due to some reason, then blood pressure will be low. All this function is done by the cardiovascular system present in the brain. The control center is controlling. Some receptors are present in the blood vessels, which are called baro receptors. If these changes are taking place in the body, then these sensors carry these signals to the brain. Blood pressure is increasing or decreasing. If this happens, then this cardiovascular center of the brain sends the body into defensive mode to save life. The brain gets this signal that the pressure is decreasing. The brain gives this signal to the heart; it speeds up its work, and blood flows more quickly. The heart rate increases. The blood vessels begin to narrow to increase the blood pressure, or they expand if the blood pressure is too high. This baroreceptor is part of the body’s autonomic nervous system, from which sympathetic parasympathies come. A systolic Pressure is this pressure that is generated when the heart contracts, and diastolic pressure is this pressure that is generated when the heart muscles expand or relax. Systolic should ideally be 120, and diastolic should be 80 normally when the body is in a resting state.

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