Friday, July 12, 2024

More Common Top Disease than Heart Disease and Cancer


Today I am going to talk about a phenomenon that is spreading rapidly across the world: a wave of autoimmune diseases. One out of every 12 people is suffering from autoimmune disease, and one out of every nine women in adulthood is its victim. It is happening, and in both men and women, this disease is more common than cancer and heart attack, which occur in one out of every 14 people, and in the last five to six dihalogenations seen, there is a 3x peak in the graph. You can see this in this graph. The line of Crohn’s disease is going up very fast, and along with it, there is also type 1 diabetes. The metabolic system of our body is doing a very complex and difficult job. It has to make the body’s own cells capable of To fight diseases, one has to differentiate between good and bad bacteria in the body. Disease-causing bacteria have to be killed while protecting the good bacteria because the body also needs these friendly bacteria, so they are separated. Viruses and bacteria are both involved. Any autoimmune disease starts with inflammation. The disease-causing particles cause inflammation in some tissue in some parts of the body. To reduce this inflammation, the immune system then attacks them, and when When it is overactive, even the normal cells of the body get affected, due to which an autoimmune disease is born. Now the biggest reason for the onset of any autoimmune disease is leaky gut in the small intestine, where 90 But when the food is digested, the nutrition present in the food goes into the blood and becomes part of the body. If there is a hole in this drain, small holes are formed, and when the food passes through it, the poisonous substances, toxins, bacteria, and other things present in it, which are The undigested food particles, which had to be expelled from the body without being digested, now pass through these holes and start joining the blood. There is a single mucus layer here, where it gets digested, and then the body A confusion is created as to what things need to be absorbed and what needs to be sent out. Not only this, but things that can cause harm come out of these holes and reach the body tissues, which also include bacteria. Due to this, inflammation starts here, and swelling occurs. And then the immune system works here in the body and tries to reduce it, but if this action continues in the background, then the immune system becomes hyperactive after working and is not able to differentiate between normal cells and affected cells and attacks both of them, due to which instead of reducing the inflammation, the pain increases. Now why is this intestinal damage happening? An organization, WG Environmental Working Group, is a non-profit that works on Idarapalli and corporate accountability. They published a research paper in which 10 fetal cord blood samples were taken from newly born children, which is the umbilical cord through which nutrition is being supplied from the mother to the child. When blood samples were taken from these after delivery, 287 industrial chemicals were found in the blood, and these same chemicals were found in plastic. Would have been present.

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