Friday, July 12, 2024

It’s time for you to start eating garlic


You must include garlic in your diet. If you are not eating garlic, then start eating it today because some such phytonutrients are found in it. These are plant chemicals that contain sulfur. They prevent cell damage in the body. It is said that just as iron gets rusted with the passage of time, in the same way, molecules that cause some damage in the body, called free radicals, start accumulating. These chemicals become the cause of cell protein and DNA damage in body organs. Due to this, the body’s heart, blood vessels, skin, kidneys, lungs, and brain get damaged, their age starts decreasing, their function gets impaired, and various diseases like sugar, heart disease, and cancer become the cause of all these. To prevent this damage, we need antioxidants. This helps prevent cell damage and organ failure, and garlic is an excellent superfood that contains these antioxidants. Garlic is used by sportsmen and athletes who want to increase stamina. It reduces vasodilation and cholesterol in the body. Due to this, heart health improves, and a healthy heart is able to pump blood more efficiently, which is necessary for a sportsman. Antimicrobials are found in leesan; it is antibacterial and antiviral and is consumed by some people, considering it an antibiotic. It has no side effects. It contains anti-fungal compounds. It stops the growth of fungus in the body. It is anti-parasitic. It is unfriendly to the germs, which are pathological. It is very good for the lungs. If there is inflammation in the respiratory tract and swelling, then Allison reduces this inflammation. Reduces cough Restores breathing if any lung infection is present. Asthma, or COPD It clears mucus that accumulates in it. Reduces overall inflammation in the body, such as arthritis, rheumaton, and osteoarthritis. In some studies, alison has also been described as an anti-cancer compound that prevents cells from changing their DNA makeup due to oxidative stress, which is also called programmed cell death. It involves cells whose genetic makeup has already been changed. There has been a change in reputation. Cancerous cells have been formed. Ellison not only destroys these cells through cell death but also protects the normal cells because, in cancer, the normal cells around the cells also die faster. When the cells start getting transformed, which definitely increases the cancer, then the cells that promote cell proliferation help in controlling it. Talking about cardiovascular benefits, it reduces the risk of stroke. It is called a natural blood thinner. It helps the blood vessels. Increases nitric oxide, which reduces blood pressure. There is a lot of data on this; many studies have shown that it reduces cholesterol, strengthens the immune system, reduces the duration of infection, and improves digestion.

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