Friday, July 12, 2024

It is Deadlier to Eat Vegetable Oil Than Sugar


The previous article was on cooking oils, which is often talked about. My article talk about Olive Oil, Butter, Desi Ghee and Animal Fat in great detail. All these videos are available on the channel. A gentleman writes in his comment that it is very expensive. What you are describing is olive oil. There are five of us in the house. One liter of oil will be used for four to five days. After that, what do you see in our food? The four main things are pulses, meat, vegetables, and fruits, and I also eat the same things and home-cooked food. I eat it; it makes a delicious stew of lentils; it can be consumed like a soup without adding oil; onions, carrots, and other vegetables can be added to it; or the vegetables are steamed separately; it becomes soft and easy to eat. If it is chicken, then it is made with skin, and when it is ready, oil is clearly visible in it, which comes from the fat present in its skin; similarly, if it is beef, then it is made like mutton; if it is fish, then it is an air fryer. It gets grilled again with oil-free fish. Its own fat is enough. I adjust the rest of the healthy fats, keeping in mind my daily caloric intake. My body cannot afford more calories than this. Calories are units of energy. Whatever the body uses every day, whatever we eat has different calories, and eating oil not only causes harm to the body but also has more calories than other things. My eating window on a daily basis is The hours in which I can eat food are from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm; for the remaining 16 hours, I remain hungry. I will try someday to shoot all these things like a blog and put them in a video. Although I am able to do all this while staying within the budget, since there is a lot of inflation, I am not sure that you will also be able to do it. Another gentleman writes, Can you fry in olive oil? You cannot do it at all, but do it. Why do we have to make samosas and pakodas? We can’t do that at all. Another brother writes that if we extract mustard oil ourselves by cold pressing it, is it still safe or not? It depends on how you want to use it and how much. Want to use it because of its fat content? Up to 42% of eroic acid is found, which causes heart diseases, and this latest data is the reason why Mamalakandam is different from the mustard oil available in the market because, in it, if you are taking the seeds yourself and getting them extracted, then definitely high-quality oil is available, and its nutrition also remains intact. But keep in mind how much to use and how to use it. Similarly, some other questions came to mind that were almost similar to these. – Similarly, a chart of last year’s global mortality data was released by the World Health Organization. This chart included data on the number of deaths worldwide. Obesity is at the top of the chart, meaning the number of people suffering from obesity. The chances of dying early increase to 93. Then there is smoking. Its rate is 80. But a person who smokes cigarettes has the chance of dying early, up to age 80. In third place are cooking oils, the edible oil that is used in everyday cooking.

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