Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Fasting Is More Vital Than Diet


The best thing you can do to improve your health is fasting. This is the top of the list. It is even more important than what you eat. It is even more important than exercise. Why is it so? In this video, I will talk about how, if you look at the survival mechanisms of the body, look at the biochemistry, which the body has adapted over time to save life. If food was not available for many days, then the body has adapted to prevent death due to starvation. Adjusted itself through some hormonal, genetic, and psychological changes. Death due to a cold should not happen. If any wild animal comes, then how to run away to save life? These are all survival mechanisms that the body adapts to with time. The body’s tolerance increases. Endurance increases. Some survival genes are triggered in the body, and this is happening in every part of the body. Every part of the body starts improving. If you compare today with the environment in which we used to live, today’s food is very good. Open the fridge and go to the market. There is an abundance of food, and if you notice, at any festival or feast, different types of food are available. When you eat all these things, your body goes into shock and you do not feel good. Or if there is a party at home, then the whole day is spent eating; hence, the first thing to be done in fasting is to reduce the frequency of eating; there is a fixed time for eating; snacks are removed; and the gap between the two meals is taken care of. If you want to drink black coffee, you can make herbal kava without milk and sugar, but do not drink cold drinks, juice, or other sweet drinks that have calories during Ramadan. You can easily adjust it to your routine. Do not consume sweet things during Sehri and Afta. Do not eat carbohydrates. Do not eat those things that contain sugar. Apart from Ramzan, if you are fasting, then you should extend the breakfast a little longer, and most people People don’t even feel hungry when they wake up in the morning because, while sleeping, our body is in a fast state, already adapted to trying to survive without food, and the feeling of hunger starts only when we wake up in the morning and eat something. If you feel hungry again after two hours of eating, then it is better if you do not have breakfast to keep the body in a fasting state. Due to frequent and frequent eating, other health problems arise, while the small cells present in the pancreas—the small beta cells that make insulin—get tired of doing this work, get exhausted, and malfunction because whenever carbohydrates enter the body, they get converted into sugar. The beta cells of the pancreas work to reduce this sugar. They reject insulin, due to which blood sugar becomes normal again; this is their job. Now, when these cells are busy all the time, they keep producing insulin, and very rarely is insulin tested; mostly, blood sugar levels are seen. Initially, you may not be able to see this increased danger (10, 20, 30).

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