Friday, July 12, 2024

Incredible Real-Life Survival Tale


Hello friends,Incredible Real-Life Survival Tale today we discuses,Close your eyes and remind yourself that you have become a victim of an accident, and after the world, alarm just the previous song. This is the first use of this test in the middle of the Australian desert, or 14 lakh square kilometers, which is the fourth largest in the world. It’s a desert, your hands are bleeding instantly, you have neither water to drink nor food to eat, and you don’t even have shoes to wear on your feet. Where do you have to go to save yourself? You also know that the 35-degree temperature of the desert is driving you to get married. Friends, now open your eyes and thank God that no such accident has happened in your life till date, but today I am going to tell you. That is not a fabricated story but a real-life survival story, and after listening to it, your soul will tremble. Friends, if you take a human being, then what can happen? You will see these five, and you will hear that this is the story of Vikram Negi, whose birth will not be given; it happened in Austria. His childhood was completely spent in a middle-class family. In his second year, his family took over from coordinator Hafiz Badam, and in the meantime, his father died. He had no money, so he left his studies, and the burden of responsibility fell on his shoulders. He went from electrician to fisherman. He did all the work from till and division till watch stop. After so much determination, his life was going to be good. In 2006, when he was 35 years old, he got an offer letter for a government job from the Port of Question Hall. Here,  he does not want to be wasted. He used to live like this in Australia, but he had to go to Western Australia. Due to the price, he did not have that much money to go, so he got the idea of singing Western Australia in the hot season. Friends, here, let me tell you that Australia is in the best condition in the world. Six lines even increase the morale. Most of the population lives only at a distance of 50 kilometers from CSI, which means Australia is like a big island where people live only on the beach side, due to which Auliya’s bill is bad or very deserted. It is so deserted that it has become a desert. Even the Riya of this desert is on the Great Australian Bite Side. I was going from some Dholak area. He had everything he needed for the journey, including packed food and water if the gasoline ran out. So 101 petrol means that it was completely prepaid for Germany; on the other hand, Rico was in the budget; his car was damaged by three people; that MLA had gone on a road trip; so I showed him humanity and did it on the laptop, but we three people Rishi Somehow, the girl was put there and made unconscious. When the girl regained consciousness, she looked around her. All she could see was the desert in the distance. Piles of sand were visible. There was no sign of water. She did not know that she was there. Where is the heat of the sun on his head? The temperature is like sunshine. Friends checked the wound around him and found that his money had been dipped in WhatsApp. They had stolen his shorts and left him a living corpse in the desert to die. He could neither see any human being nor any road; from then on, he could walk in any direction and stay alive.

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