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Kidney Stone


Kidney stone is considered as most severe and painful stone which causes disturbance to overall human health. The pain can be severe if a person is suffering from kidney stones and even it can lead to surgeries. 

This article will discuss in detail the Symptoms, Causes and the treatment of the kidney stones. So readers are suggested to read this article completely to understand the full details about kidney stones.

Defining kidney stones:

Stones get created in kidney when the urine of a person consists of high number of minerals and substances such as oxalate, uric acid, and calcium. These substances form the crystals and these crystal starts combining and form the stone in the kidney. 

A kidney stone can be as little that it passes through your urine without your notice. But, when you have a bigger stone in your kidney then you can face a lot of issues and you will feel pain while passing urine.

You can get kidney stone by different means like through your diet, by some medication, and if you have family background of kidney stones then you are probably going to get kidney stones.

Kinds of kidney stones:

There are different kinds of kidney stones. Following are some major kinds of kidney stones.

  • Calcium Stones:

This type of kidney stones is formed by the calcium in the urine of a person. Some people have greater number of calcium in their urine, so they get kidney stones easily. The calcium stones are of two kinds such as calcium phosphate and calcium oxalate. These stones are 80 percent of stones.     

  • Struvite stones:

These stones are formed in kidney due to urinary tract infection. Due to infection the number of ammonia increases in the urine and thus it lead to kidney stones of strutive type.  These stones are 10 percent of stones. These types of kidney stones are considered as very high growing stones.

  • Uric acid stone:

This type of kidney stones happens due to different types of issues. It happens if a person is overweight. Similarly, a person having chronic diarrhea can also get uric acid stone. Furthermore, high blood sugar such as Type 2 diabetes also leads to this type of kidney stone. Likewise, some diet issues such as too much meat and less usage of vegetables and fruits also lead to uric acid stone. These stones are 10 percent of stones.

  • Cystine stones:

This type of kidney stones gets created when kidneys leak too much cystine into urine. This type of stone often formed during the childhood and it can also be formed in the people with specific genetic disorder which is called as cystinuria.

Causes of kidney stones:

There is no single cause of kidney stones, but there are multiple factors due to which the kidney stones get formed in human body.

Following are some major causes of kidney stones.

  • Low Volume of Urine:

It is one of the major factors of getting kidney stones. When a person has low volume of urine then there are high chances that the person is going to get kidney stones.

Low volume of urine can be caused by different factors such as low usage of fluids, getting high sweats due to exercise or physical work or any underlying health condition.

  • Lack of water or fluid usage:

Kidney stones are also caused by lack of usage of water and other fluids. Lack of usage of water and other fluids lead to less urine which further leads to formation of stone which otherwise should be erected through urine. Similarly, it is recommended that a person should drink at least 3 liters of fluid, especially water to avoid getting kidney stones. But if a person has history of stone then that person should try to make at least 10 cups of urine every day.

  • Some specific diets:

There are some specific diets which lead to formation of kidney stones. When a person’s diet includes high volume of calcium then the chances of kidney stones are also very high.

Similarly, high usage of sodium (salt) in diet also leads to kidney stones. Furthermore, if your diet has high number of oxalate then there are chances of getting kidney stones is very high.

Likewise, when an individual’s diet is full of animal meat in the form of protein then the chances of getting kidney stones also increases in that individual.

  • Inflammatory bowl conditions:

Some people with inflammatory bowl or diarrhea conditions can also get kidney stones. When a person gets diarrhea and due to that the urine outflow decreases and thus it leads to kidney stones.

  • Over-weight: 

The chances of getting kidney stones are very high in weighty persons as compared to slim ad low weight people. Due to overweight the level of acid in urine changes and due to that the stones get formed in a person.

Symptoms of kidney stones:

There are different and countless symptoms of kidney stones. But following are some basic symptoms of kidney stones in an individual.

  • A person with kidney stones may witness cramping and sharp pain in the back and side.
  • Similarly, due to kidney stones a person can feel pain in groin or lower abdomen
  •  Furthermore, the kidney stones pain starts suddenly and often comes in series of waves.
  • Likewise, a person with kidney stones often gets a feeling and need of intense urinate.
  • Additionally, a kidney stone patient can feel burning while urinating.
  • In addition to that, the urine of kidney stones patient can be red or dark.
  • By the same token, a person with kidney stones can witness vomiting and nausea
  • Lastly, male patients can feel pain at the tip of their private part.

Medication and treatment of kidney stones:

There are different type of medication and treatment available for kidney stones. Medication and treatment for kidney stones is considered by medical experts by keeping in view the weight and type of kidney stones in a person. Following are some basic treatment of kidney stones.  

Method 1: Medication:

There are some medications which can be helpful to get rid of kidney stones.

Firstly, you can use pain killers to ease the pain caused by kidney stones.

You can use a common medication named Tamsulosin (Flomax) to treat the kidney stones.

Method 2: Let the kidney stones pass itself:

There are great chances that smaller stones can pass itself without any medication. So, you should wait for natural pass of kidney stones through urine.   

You can use pain killers to reduce pain while waiting for natural passing of urine.

In this condition, you should use greater volume of water and other fluid so that you may increase the urinate outflow.

Method 3: Surgery:

The surgery is considered as the last option to treat the kidney stones. The surgery should be considered if,  

  • When a kidney stones fails to pass by urine
  • When its weight is high.
  • If the stone is disturbing the function of kidney.

A kidney stone is considered as painful and deadly if not treated and taken care of properly. If any reader is having above mentioned symptoms then that person should contact the medical experts as soon as possible to avoid getting the serious kidney stone. 

We hope that this article will help the readers to understand all the aspects of kidney stones.

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