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Inner voice psychology’s facts


The “inner voice psychology” as the name suggests, listening to your inner voice, recognizing it, and acting on it. But some questions may arise in the minds of our readers. And whether the inner voice of the psyche is the same for all, whether the inner voice must be obeyed or acted upon, whether the inner voice can include positivity or negativity. Many such questions can come to anyone’s mind. So today we will learn the answers to these questions as well as more interesting and related facts. So let’s get started.

inner voice psychology

How to Deal with inner Voice Psychology?

It is a good exercise for our brains that it learns something along with the situations. We often feel prepared and less anxious by learning from situations, because learning reduces uncertainty. However, this learning of the brain can better control our thinking and way of life.  Controlling life means that learning the mind can control life in a good way or in a bad way. If the brain learns to follow the path of negativity, it will start to develop your psyche negatively. And maybe your focus shifts from success to fear of failure.  In this debate, it is clear that the inner voice can deal with the issues of life in any way. And man will never want anyone to control his life in any way.  We can do exercises like photography and meditation to control these inner voices.  Meditation helps us to control our emotions and self-control. Also, it is a good idea to keep yourself busy, ignoring unnecessary inner voices.

Is the inner Voice of Psychology the Same for All?

Is the inner voice of psychology the same for everyone? The answer is no it is not. There are different kinds of people in the world. Every human being has his thoughts. Everyone has their own experiences. Not everyone has the same view of anything. Every person’s personal and social life situations are different, and man learns different lessons from these situations. As a result of these lessons, the psychology of every human being develops. Human psychology differs because of the diverse circumstances, the diverse attitudes, and the lack of equal rights. And because of the differences in psychology, the inner voice of psychology is not the same.

Is it necessary to obey the inner Voice of Psychology?

Is it necessary to act upon the inner voice psychology? The answer to that question depends on what kind of situation you are dealing with. If there is a situation in which you can apply the lessons of the past, and the rate of uncertainty is minimal, then in these situations you should listen to the voice of psychology and act accordingly. But if the situation is the other way around, that is, you are dealing with a situation about which you have no idea, and this is creating a situation of uncertainty. Then you have to ignore a little bit of psychological voice, and deal with the current situation should be considered in a new way.

Is inner Voice including the Factor of Positivity or Negativity?

Does the inner voice interfere with positive or negative thinking? So the answer is yes. There is no doubt that there is always a positive and a negative element to the inner voice psychology. These elements of participation depend on what our external environment is like, and what our mental orientation is. Constant signals from the external environment directly or indirectly affect our mental orientation. But if we practice the dominance of the positive element in our mental orientation, our mind also thinks positively about the negative aspects of the external environment. And this method is also responsible for the training of human personal, moral and social thinking.

inner voice psychology

How Does inner Voice Psychology Affect Mental Health?

Constantly tolerating the inner voices caused by the negative elements can lead any person to a psychological breakdown. In such a situation complaints of depression and anxiety are common. People resort to cognitive therapy to avoid this stressful situation. Cognitive therapy helps to reduce the negative effects of human thinking. On the other hand, the inner voices created by the positive elements always make a man excited and optimistic about his destination. And man always keeps himself mentally fresh with the method of neuro relaxation.

How Do inner Voices Difference from Conscience?

Some people believe that if they let go of their inner voice, they will lose their conscience. As a result, he may become an evil and insensitive person. While the fact is that the inner voice and conscience are two different concepts. The inner voices produced by the negative elements increase the anxiety of the person and reduce the performance of the person. Moreover, these inner voices, created by the negative elements, bring about these undesired changes in human life by creating self-hatred within man. 

And we cannot view inner voices as a moral guide. On the other hand, conscience leads us to higher authority in moral and social life. And conscience prefers us to learn from the mistakes of the past and assure us of a better future.

Some Common Examples of Inner Voices:

Some people have voices regarding their personality in a negative way of psychology, for example, you are stupid, you are dumb, you are not attractive or you are not like other people. Instead of these voices you should you are unique, and you always try your best.

Some people have inner voices regarding their carrier in a negative way of psychology, for example, you will never be successful, nobody supports your hard work, and you are not capable of these responsibilities. To deal with this negative psychology you should focus on your aim, tell yourself I never signed a contract to be perfect.


“Inner voice psychology” has always been a topic of debate for psychologists, and scholars of behavioral studies. But it can be very difficult for an ordinary person to study this topic “inner voice psychology” in such depth. So today’s topic will not only increase the knowledge, and awareness of our readers but will also answer all the important questions that may come to anyone’s mind regarding inner voice psychology.

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