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Thanksgiving Gratitude Activities : Best Motivational Activities


Friends, today we are going to talk about “Thanksgiving gratitude activities”. But before starting the topic we have to know about what is it? Saying thanks to someone is not just a word it’s a complete feeling for someone. It’s human nature if you are taking benefits from someone you have to give gratitude in any way. It might be in words or any other form. So in this article, we have some Thanksgiving gratitude activities. This act improved satisfaction level or strength in life.

Impact of Thanksgiving gratitude Activities in life

  • Thanksgiving gratitude activities help to be better sleep because of mental or physical relaxation.
  • Thanksgiving gratitude activities reduce social comparison or help to increase self-esteem.
  • Showing appreciation can help to open more relational doors.
  • Gratitude reduces aggression and increases mental strength.
  • Gratitude buildup the relations with others in society and also make strong relations.
  • Gratitude activities make a positive image of your character in your society.

9  Best Thanksgiving gratitude activities

Create some thank you cards

If we want to say thanks to someone for being a reason but we feel hesitant to say it in words. So we can create some creative cards by hand and write on them is a unique way to say thanks. It also attracts other people. This act of expressing thanks touches people’s souls. Whatever you want to say just write down your feelings in words. Moreover, you need colored sheets ribbons some stones to draw, and cut a picture paste on it.

Gratitude photo collage for the family

You just need a smartphone to gather family members to click some snaps on different poses. You can also take clicks of your pets, plants, or the things you love. Rearrange all this make a collage of all these clicks and convert it into a frame, hang it on a wall where everyone can view it. Remember simple blessings in life remind that life is full of incredible things, people and experiences.

Thanksgiving gratitude activities

Make donations to society

During this time, we can see that many people are suffering from many problems. We can serve them through the act of service. For this purpose, we can arrange accessories of life, we can arrange small activities for kids and give their needed things to make their life happy.

Thanksgiving gratitude activities


Note down some things that are a great activity to record happy moments. It will make you grate full, and you will realize that it is a great way to remember happy things. Just writing down it on a timely basis helps to understand you are grateful for what things you have and what you feel about others. So it can also help you to remind yourself about blessings.

Gratitude collection

It is a thoughtful way to share your feelings. You can also collect some messages from others to create a collection of notes for that person you want to say thanks to. Put these messages in a box, wrap it and give it to someone as a gift you want to say gratitude. You can also add something as a gift with it.

Gratitude activates

When we get benefited from someone’s actions we show gratitude feelings toward them. listening to someone thank you can make our day graceful, it feels like a special feeling. So on many occasions, we show gratitude for the good feelings we have been gifted back to the gifter.

Gratitude stones

A gratitude stone, I know you are thinking about a word, I select a stone it sounds be silly how a stone is used in a gratitude form. As we feel the natural stones are used to exercise as an object, but you can use attractive stones for gratitude activities. So make sure that you are going to select that one stone that feels near to your heart, like a smooth soft look of textured stones. You can also select that object which attracts you so collect them and prepare a bracelet or a chain to carry them with you. You can also put them in a place where you can see them easily. So whenever you saw them, you will feel the gracefulness during the whole day. So this practice makes you positive and enhances a symbol of gratitude.

Gratitude jar

One more motivational activity is to prepare a gratitude jar you might be thinking about what I am saying. To make this thing you just have to need some pencils, paper, and stickers. So you are going to prepare some sticky notes by using different words like my wish for, thankful for, grateful for these are just simple daily routine words that make your life grateful. By using these, your life will become happy and stressless. And the way of your thinking will be change. This jar reminds you that you have a collection of some golden words for others that benefited you in life. You can also give it to another person. So that he can imagine your happy moments.

Gratitude reflection

A stressless mind is a symbol of healthy life. This exercise makes your life easy, go and find a place where you feel relaxed hold your feet together stand lonely, and just feel about the blessings in life. then just reminds you about those people that make your life happy, it may be your family, friends, or any important person, and say to yourself that I am grateful. Then turned to yourself and just imagine how lucky you are. Relaxation is the best way to realize that life is precious and God gifted.


This article describes Thanksgiving gratitude activities. So listening to thanks from someone is a happy thing that you must like and also saying thank you is also a grateful thing. These practices make our life easy, in some ways to make you feel gratitude or make you think about the gratefulness of life. This article might help the people who are confused about how to be thankful for the benefiter and also a reminder about the blessings. Some mentioned exercise helps to remind that life is precious so it will be helpful to the people who need to know about gratitude activities.

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