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Side Effects Of Lemon Water: Hype or Truth?


Lemonade has been promoted by some experts and celebrities for its lots of benefits, with preventing dehydration, aiding digestion, and weight loss. But, excess use of lemon water can cause many side effects. When you drink too much, the following Side Effects Of Lemon Water can happen.

Disadvantages of Drinking Lemonade Every Day

Lemons are very beneficial, and in very few cases, they can harm our bodies. In some cases, these side effects are caused by having too much lemon juice. The following are some of the side effects of the intake of lemon juice daily.

  • Frequent Urine And Dehydration

In some cases, adding a lot of lemon juice to the water has a diuretic effect. Though, in rare cases, the right amount of lemon juice can cause diuretic effects. According to a study, lemon juice is rich in ascorbic acid or vitamin C that is a diuretic. Therefore, it promotes the production of urine by the kidneys, thus helping the body expel excess salt and fluids faster.

If you drink lemonade every morning, you often go to the bathroom, especially in the morning. If you feel dehydrated after using lemonade, consider decreasing the number of lemons in the water.

  • It Can Harm Your Teeth

Despite the fact that adding lemon juice to warm water may feel safe, it can disturb your teeth. This is because lemons are very sour, and daily use will harm tooth gloss. Therefore, it is not good to drink lemonade every day for a long time.

Though, if you can’t avoid this drink, consider drinking it with a straw to lessen the acid revelation on the teeth. Also, it is important to wash your mouth with water after drinking lemonade. Also, please refrain from brushing your teeth properly within 1 hour before or after drinking lemonade.

  • Effects on the Bones

Further study is required to support the claim that lemonade has harmful effects on bones. But, it is said that if you drink too much lemon juice every morning, it can have a negative effect on your bones. Lemons are said to gradually absorb oil in the joints, which can lead to bone problems in the future. If you want to drink lemonade every morning, add some drops of honey to help reduce the effects of lemons.

  • Heartburn

Drinking lemonade every day can cause heartburn or exacerbate it, especially if you experience frequent heartburn. Heartburn, also called acid reflux, occurs when the esophageal sphincter fails to function properly, causing stomach acid to flow back into the esophagus in a process called reflux. Common signs of heartburn include chest pain and severe scorching. If you feel heartburn, reduce the number of acidic foods and beverages in your regime, including lemons.

  • It Can Upset Your Stomach

Stomachache is one of the Scary Side Effects Of Lemon Water. Like anything else, excess use of lemon juice is unsafe. Although research has not determined that the acidic properties of lemons can increase stomach-related problems. There is proof that excess use of lemons can cause stomachache.

  • GERD And Ulcers

GERD, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, is usually caused by spicy, oily, and acidic foods. Common signs include burning, vomiting, and nausea. In addition, if you have ulcers, eating highly acidic foods or beverages can disturb your stop lining, which can also interfere with the healing process. Although lemonade has lots of health benefits, be cautious not to consume too much lemon juice to avoid health problems such as ulcers, gastroesophageal, and heartburn.

  • Can Trigger Migraine

Migraine is also one of the Side Effects Of Lemon Water. For some individuals, citrus foods, such as lemons, can cause migraines. According to a study, if you experience or suffer from migraines, having too many lemons can make the condition worse or trigger. If lemons worsen migraines, don’t take more than half a cup of dilute Lemon juice.

  • Can Increase Iron Content

Lemons are high in vitamin C, which is accountable for increasing the captivation of non-heme iron in the body. If you have hemochromatosis, it can cause your body to store too much iron. It means you have to be careful when intake lemons. According to a study, too much iron in the body can harm your tissues.

What Is The Recommended Dosage Of Lemons/Lemon Juice?

The ideal amount of lemonade is based on the age and health of the user. There is not sufficient scientific evidence to define the perfect amount of lemons. But based on the actual evidence, about one or two glasses of lemonade seem safe.


What are the harmful effects of lemons on hair? Does it bleach the hair?

Considering the acidity of the fruit, the harmful effects of lemons on the hair, if used regularly, can damage the scalp. This property of lemons will also make your hair white. To avoid this, use lemon juice and some warm hair oil. This ensures that your scalp is not dry.

Does drinking lemon water every morning weaken your bones?

There is no study that upholds this. Subsequently, you can use lemon every morning. However, if you encounter anyone who is experiencing such problems as a result of drinking lemonade in the morning, please consult your doctor.

Can you drink lemon water every night?

Yes. There are no known adverse effects of drinking lemon water at night.

Can Lemonade Damage Your Kidneys?

The right amount of citric acid in lemonade can be helpful in treating kidney stones. There is no sign that lemonade can harm the kidneys.

If you like to drink a cup of hot lemonade before going to bed or in the morning, you don’t need to worry too much. Just drink it in moderation. However, the harmful effects of drinking lemon honey in the morning are very small. However, to be safe, make sure you also talk to your doctor, particularly if you want to intake lemon juice for medical purposes. In addition, if you experience any of the above problems or other defects while drinking lemonade daily, please consider avoiding or reducing the use of lemon juice.

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