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Fear of Public Speaking: How to Overcome Glossophobia


Fear of public speaking is called glossophobia. It is a very common form of anxiety. It can range from mild stress to paralysis to fear and nervousness. Many people avoid speaking in public for fear of this, or they tolerate it through handshakes and trembling voices. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the anxiety you feel when you speak in public. Overcoming the anxiety of public speaking requires a focused approach that combines several best practices.

How Common is the Fear of Public Speaking?

In simple words, Some researchers estimate that 70% of the population is afraid of public speaking. It’s not certainly everyone’s top fear — nor is it more be afraid than death – but it is a very common fear.

For some, their public speaking anxiety may be linked to a wider social disorder. Some researchers consider that this type of speech anxiety is common among 15 to 30 percent of the general population. But with training and persistence, you can overcome your fear of public speaking. These tips may help:

Useful Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Get Organized

It will help you to be more relaxed and calm when you organize all your thoughts and content. When you have strong and concise thoughts, it can greatly reduce the discomfort of your speech. Because you can emphasize better on one thing and make a strong speech.

 Record Yourself and Learn Your Voice

Record your voice on your video camera or phone. Record your speech from beginning to end. Then listen or watch it, and write down how to improve it. Some people do not like to hear their voices on the tap. So it is important to get used to your speech and talking style.

Watch Yourself In The Mirror

Practice your content in front of a mirror as if you were talking to someone directly. If you truly want to learn how to develop a great public speaking skill …

Focus on:

  •  Your facial expressions
  • Your movements
  • your dressing

You will be more than welcome to your audience when you speak in a gentle and calm manner.

Work On Your Breathing

When you pay attention to your breathing, your voice will be louder and you will relax. Breathe serenely and pay attention to entering the rhythm. While it is a public speaking exercise, breathing exercises help reduce anxiety and improve clearness in all aspects of life.

Sip Water That’s Warm Or Room Temperature

Sometimes squeezing a few drops of lemons in water also provide benefits. It helps to smooth your throat. You should try to avoid sugary drinks before the speech. This will dry out your tongue and make it harder for you to speak.

 Public Speaking Classes

Find a great trainer or advisor. You can join several groups to overcome the fear of public speaking. These Groups teach people the art of public speaking. people overcome fear by rehearsing speech topics over and over again.

Know 100 Words for Every Word That You Speak

You should know 10 words about the subject for each word that you write. Otherwise, the reader will know that it is not real writing. I personally think that in spoken English, you should know 100 words for each word. Otherwise, your audience will feel that you don’t really know what you are speaking about.

Choose a Topic that you really care about

How to choose a topic that you really care about:

  • The topic should have a huge impact on you.
  • You really want to share with others.
  •  You strongly feel that others can benefit from your knowledge
  • You can talk about it from the bottom of your heart

When you talk about things that you care about emotionally, you will be more relaxed and confident in your elements.

Emphasis on your Material, not on your Audience

People basically focus on new data — not how it’s introduced. They may not see your anxiety. They may not see your nervousness. If viewer members do notice that you’re anxious, they may root for you and want your performance to be a success.

Avoid Talking Too Fast

In the event that you talk too fast, you will inhale less. Feeling winded will make you terrified and more helpless to fear. Work on slowing down when you talk, and you will be more cool and relaxed.

Try not to Fear a Moment of Silence

In the event that you forget about the thing, you’re saying or begin to feel apprehensive and your mind goes clear, it might appear as though you’ve been quiet for an eternity. In actuality, it’s most likely a couple of moments. Regardless of whether it’s more extended, it’s reasonable your crowd will wouldn’t fret a delay to think about the thing you’ve been saying. Simply take a few deep breaths.

Have Pride In Your Work & Recognize Your Success

Your strongest criticizer is you. When you finish or give a speech, please pat yourself on the back. You killed your fear, and you did it. Be proud of yourself.

While you’re Speaking, Make Eye Contact

Everyone in the room is listening to you. So, the best way to attach to your audience is to talk to them in person. How? Make constant eye contact with a person through every thought. (Every idea is about a complete clause.) By following one person at a time, you make everyone in the room feel like you’re just talking to them. It is difficult. We are comfortable scanning rooms. Direct eye contact can cause discomfort at first. However, the more you practice, the less it really bothers you.

Have You Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking, Yet?

Ideally, you discovered these tips advantageously and presently you are never again are you one individual who dread public talking! As referenced, a tremendous part of defeating the fear of public speaking, ensuring you are ready and certain about the material you are introducing.

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