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Height Increase Exercises That Really Work


“Height Increase Exercises” very concerned topic. Every person wants to have a good height because every human being wants his personality to be prominent. But the most important personality traits are height, smile, beauty, and a good sense of humor. In today’s article, we will only talk about the topic of height increase exercises because it plays a very important role in highlighting the personality of a person.

Do you need to perform height increase exercises?

Is your height small, do you need to perform height increase exercises, do you think your height is lower than average? You need to know the answers to all these questions. A survey has found that almost every third person, especially girls, is worried about their height. Because they think that their height is less than the average height and this thing has a profound effect on their personality. They feel lesser because of the feeling of inferiority and they think that their personality is not very attractive. And people over 18 feel that they will never grow their height again because height only increases to 18 years. So today I want to tell you that this is just a myth. 

If you follow the height-enhancing diet and perform the height increase exercises on daily basis, your height will increase even after the age of 18. Before move on you need to know that, is your height really small or it is just a delusion. The average height of men is 5 feet 9 inches and the average height of women is 5 feet 4 inches. If your height is below these averages then you need to perform height increase exercises. 

In today’s article I will tell you about some of the best height increase exercises, so let’s get started.

7 Best Excersises to Increase Height

Pelvic Shift

An average person sits for about four to six hours a day. If the same routine is followed, he sits for 102000 t0 153000 in his 70 years of life. Prolonged sitting would have a significant effect on our spine, and the pain started in the spine. And in some cases, the spine is slightly bent. Our spine plays a very important role in increasing height. So we have to take care of our spine. The most common exercise to keep the spine healthy is the pelvic shift. This exercise reduces the pain of your spine, prevents it from bending, and keeps it healthy. If your spine is healthy, your height will increase quickly. In this exercise, you have to lie down straight on the ground, spread your arms and bend your legs to gently lift your abdomen area and bring it back to the ground after 3 seconds. It has to be repeated over and over again.


Hanging is an exercise that stretches your body muscles, it gives them flexibility and strength. In this exercise, you have to hold a hanging bar with your hands and hang it and perform 5 to 8 pull-ups. The same pattern has to be repeated three to five times a day. In this exercise when you hang with the help of a rod, the gravity will try to pull you towards it. As a result, it will give you flexibility to your muscles and increase your height over time.

Single Leg Hopping

This exercise is tough as well as has a lot of fun. This exercise not only strengthens your abdominal muscles but is also useful for your lower body workout. In this exercise, you have to try to jump with one leg. You have to jump eight to ten times with one leg and then repeat the same process with the other leg.


It is important for the growth of any part of the body that it has good blood circulation. Similarly, if you want to increase your height, you must have good blood circulation in all parts of your body. And the easiest exercise to increase blood circulation in these parts is running. Running is a complete body workout. In this exercise, the muscles of both the upper part and the lower part of our bodywork. Due to which the blood circulation in both parts becomes faster. This makes it much easier to grow in height. 

Jumping & Skipping

It is the second exercise for the complete body workout. The muscles of our whole bodywork in it. Due to which the blood circulation in the whole body becomes faster. And the other benefit is that this exercise lengthens our legs. The more you jump, the stronger and longer your legs will be. One thing to keep in mind while doing this exercise is that when jumping, keep both your legs above the ground. It should not be that one of your legs is touching the ground and the other leg is in the air because it will create an imbalance workout and it is not good for growth.

Side Stretch

Many people prefer this exercise to increase their heights. Because this exercise gives strength and flexibility to your side muscles, shoulders, and spine. The first step in this exercise is to stand up straight, then you have to raise your arms and join both hands. At the end bend your whole body 10 times left and right.

Cobra Stretch

Cobra stretch is a relaxing exercise for your spine. This exercise provides strength and flexibility to your chest and abdominal muscles. In this exercise you have to lie on your back on the ground, then with the help of your hands, you have to push your upper body upwards and bring it down after 30 seconds. And repeat this activity again and again. Spine relaxation will help you to increase height.


You need to know about the height increase exercises because most of the people close to us are worried about their height. If we know about these exercises, we will be able to help them. After reading this article you will learn all about the major and useful exercises that are more useful for increasing height. To understand these exercises deeply you can check YouTube and Google. Remember that along with exercises, you also need to include in your diet plan all the foods that increase height. You will get positive results when you follow all these given instructions


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