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How to Improve IQ and Memory Power


The topic we are going to discuss in today’s article is “How to improve IQ and memory power”. It is true that as a person grows older, his memory power begins to weaken. And some people have this problem at a young age. Weak memory power is a problem that can hinder the progress of life. There are many medicines available on the market to enhance memory power and IQ level, but these are only temporary benefits. These medicines also have some side effects that can get you out of one problem and into another. So it is not right to use medicines to increase memory power and IQ level.

Why it is essential to know “How to improve IQ and memory power” for everyone:

Weak memory can be a precursor to hundreds of problems. If you are in student age and want to progress in life then lack of memory power and IQ level is a big problem for you. And if this problem goes beyond a certain level, you will not be able to do your daily work properly. And this is a problem that every person faces, this problem can be faced at a young age or in old age. Memory power and IQ level are two factors that play a very important role in the development of every human being. Therefore every human being should have complete knowledge about this problem like its origin, and how to eliminate and deal with this memory issue. 

Moreover, in today’s article, you will find a complete discussion about “How to improve IQ and memory power”. And today I will tell you that how you can improve your memory power IQ level by making small changes in your diet and doing some exercise. So let’s start.

12 Tips to Improve IQ and Memory Power

Keep your Mind Busy

If you want to enhance your memory power and IQ level then try to keep your mind busy until you are awake. To keep the brain busy, you can perform various activities such as reading books, read newspapers, watch TV, and observations of different things. By performing these activities, you will get two main benefits, one that your mind will be busy, and second that it will increase your knowledge.

Use Brain-Strengthening Foods

Food is a God-given blessing that makes up for every deficiency in our body. If we take these foods carefully and with a proper diet plan, it will protect us from all kinds of deficiencies and diseases. Similarly, if you want to overcome brain weakness, you should eat foods that contain glucose, omega 3 fats, and antioxidants. These minerals are very important for the power of our brain. Eat foods containing these minerals five to six times a day. Eating these foods intermittently maintains the level of minerals in your body and keeps your blood glucose stable. And glucose is the main source of energy for the brain. If the brain continues to receive energy, it will continue to do its work. And over time brain functions and IQ levels will improve.

Get Technical Abilities

There are different kinds of people in this world, very few of them are people who think and look for reasons. If you want to improve your IQ level then you need to start thinking. Regarding the improvement of IQ level, you need to increase your technical abilities. Try to find out about the everyday things you use, how they work, and what their principal method is. You may be thinking about where to get all this knowledge, so the simple answer is YouTube. YouTube is a platform where you can find information on almost everything in the world. Today all kinds of technical education are available on YouTube. You should get technical education from YouTube in your spare time. This will increase your IQ level, technical abilities, and intelligence level. And you will become a smart person in the eyes of the people around you. 

Increase your General Knowledge

Regarding “How to improve IQ and memory power” getting general information is an essential element. Today there are hundreds of different fields of study. And each field fully describes some phenomenon of the world. So if you want to increase your IQ level, you should at least try to get general information about each field. You can get this information from Google, YouTube, education sites, and other social media platforms. Not only will this increase your IQ level but it will also increase your level of ability and change the way of your look at things.

Focus your Mind

The most important thing to improve the power of memory is to focus. Whatever you do, do it with full focus. Cleanse your mind from all kinds of outdated thoughts. You can perform a variety of exercises to stay focused. These exercises will help you to stay focused.

Try Different Brain Games

Brain games play a very important role in increasing the power of your memory. Brain games provide you different ways to improve your memory power. The most popular brain games are card games, Sudoku, and Rubik’s cube. Playing these games over and over again makes your brain remember different patterns. After memorizing all these patterns, you can solve each of your gaming problems in different ways. Remembering these patterns greatly enhances the power of your memory. 

Do one Thing at a Time

Some people have a habit of doing more than one thing at a time, just like many people have a habit of listening to different news while eating. It neither remembers the news they heard nor the material they read. Because it distracts us and makes it difficult for us to remember anything.

Maintain your Body Iron

Specific cells in our brain called neurotransmitters help to keep our memory strong. These neurons themselves are powered by the iron of the body. So don’t let your body deficient in iron. Because people with iron deficiency often get Alzheimer’s disease. So iron is also an essential element to increase the power of memory.

De-Stress your Mind

To increase the power of memory, you must keep your brain away from stress, because when we are under stress, our body releases a certain substance called cortisol. Cortisol has a direct effect on our memory system. And this greatly disturbs our memory system.

Reading Books

Reading books to increase IQ level and intelligence level has always been considered a good habit because reading different types of books gives different information to our brain. And our brain tries to apply this information to real life, which increases our IQ and intelligence level.

Learning New Languages

Did you know that learning a new language raises our IQ level? Because when a person has to learn a new language, he uses his brain efficiently. By learning a new language, a person begins to understand the behavior of people in that language, the way they speak, their origin, and much more. As a result its IQ level increases.

Continued Education

Continuing our education to learn more not only enhances our academic abilities but also increases our intelligence and IQ level effectively. Because during our education we get different kinds of new information, solve different kinds of problems and try to remember bookish material by pushing our minds. All of these activities amplify our mental capacity, and they can increase our IQ level.


In this workpiece, I have discussed all “How to improve IQ and memory power” with different useful techniques. If your memory power and IQ level are low, it may negatively affect your educational performance and job performance. Don’t worry if you properly follow the mentioned strategies then I am pretty sure that you will get and a good IQ level and strong memory power.

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