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How to Sleep Early and Fast: 10 Practical Techniques


Today’s article turns towards the ways of getting fast sleep because the topic of today’s article is “How  to sleep early and fast”. But before we move on, we need to know the negative effects of sleeping late.  If we are aware of these disadvantages then we will try to know about that how to sleep early and fast.  

“How to sleep early and fast” why it is serious for us to know: 

A new study has found that people who go to bed late and take a long time to wake up in the morning  die earlier than those who get up early. Researchers have also shown that people who wake up late can  suffer from several mental and physical illnesses. The survey included people aged 38 to 73. When asked  them that do they get up late in the morning, most of them answered yes and said that getting up late  and sleeping late at night has become their habit. And most people also admit that because of this habit,  they are surrounded by various kinds of anxieties and are suffering from mental distress. Their habit of  sleeping late has become so strong that they can no longer give it up. 

From what I have said so far, you must have realized how important it is for us to go to bed early. How  to sleep early and fast, many people do not know the answer to this question but it is not a matter of  concern because in today’s article the answer to this question will be explained with different exercises.  This explanation will be of interest to you. So let’s get started. 

10 Practical Techniques to Sleep Early and Fast

Find out the reason why you don’t get sleep early 

Most people do not get rest for a variety of reasons. And if we do not know the causes of sleep  disturbances, we become irritable. Therefore, it is important to identify and eliminate the causes of  these disturbances. As an example, worrying and being angry makes the blood flow faster and also  makes the heart beat faster. Because of this, blood pressure can be high, so it is very difficult to get  sleep in such a situation. All of these conditions affect our rest time immensely. 

Therefore, while sleeping, you should take care that your mind is free from all kinds of outdated  thoughts. To get a good night of rest, you need to lie down on a comfortable bed with your arms and  legs outstretched and your mind cleansed of all frivolous thoughts. In such a calm environment sweet  and deep sleep is achieved quickly. When it comes to light, it is important to make sure that the light  does not fall on your eyes while you getting rest. Otherwise, it increases the blood circulation to the  brain and as a result, our nervous system starts moving which makes it difficult to get a good night’s  sleep. These were some straightforward points. If taken care of, deep sleep is achieved very quickly. 

Wear a Light Dress Before Going to Bed 

If you are wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it can be a little difficult for you to get  a quick sleep. Because a person sleeps quickly and calmly when he is comfortable in every way.  Concerning “How to sleep early and fast”, it is important that you wear comfortable clothing at bedtime.  If your clothes are comfortable and light then you will not have difficulty in getting a quick sleep. Most  people wear a special type of slumber dress at night, which is a light and comfortable dress.

Control Room Temperature 

Body temperature is also one of the reasons for not falling asleep early. A person usually falls asleep  when his body temperature is low. If the body temperature is high or in other words, if we feel hot at  night then we will have difficulty in getting sleep. So to get a quick sleep, use a room thermostat and set  the room temperature to 25 to 30 degrees. If the thermostat is not available, you can normalize the  room temperature using an air conditioning inverter. At a normal temperature, you will get a quick and  pleasant sleep. Three hours before going to bed you should activate the room’s thermostat or inverter  and then take a warm shower, this way you will get a quick sleep. 

Go for Evening Exercise 

When a person’s body is tired and he lies down on a soft bed, he falls asleep as soon as he lies down.  Slumber after fatigue is very sweet and deep. You may be thinking is fatigue is necessary for sleep, the  answer is no. But fatigue is essential for a good, deep, and early sleep. So for that, you need to do some  exercise and running in the evening. This will give you two benefits, one is that your body will be strong  and active due to the exercise and the other is that it will help you to get sleep faster. Exercising in the  evening is also a must to get a good night’s sleep as it helps you to sleep faster. 

Turn off Noisy Electronics 

TV, radio, computer, mobile and such electronics are present in every home today. These items are used  in every home to make the day interesting, for entertainment, and to gain knowledge. We have a good  day using these things but our sleep is affected due to these electronics. Because these things produce  light and sound and both of these things cause sleep disturbances. And, when sleep is disrupted, it will  be very difficult to get rest early. So before going to bed at night, turn off all the electronics that produce  light and sound so that your sleep is not disturbed in any way and you can sleep peacefully.  

Write your Positive Thoughts 

Some people have a hard time sleeping at night because they have bad memories and negative  thoughts. This causes them to become stressed, tense, and anxious. So in such a situation, it becomes  very difficult to sleep. Research has shown that for people who have anxiety attacks at night if they  write on a piece of paper about all day positive activity, positive thinking, and positive future events and  read these things over and over again then this activity will help them a lot in calming their minds. And  when there is peace of mind, anxiety and negative thoughts will disappear from the mind. This will make it much easier for them to get a quick and restful sleep. 

Limit your Caffeine 

Caffeine greatly affects our sleep because caffeine speeds up blood circulation in our body which makes  it very difficult to get rest. That’s why most people use caffeine to stay up late. Caffeine is found in  coffee and tea. If you want to get an early and fast sleep, you should not consume too much tea and  coffee as these things deprive you of sleep.

Find your Comfortable Sleeping Position 

When it comes to sleep, your sleeping position has a profound effect on your sleep. Every person has a  different comfortable position. You should try to sleep in the position where you feel most comfortable.  It will help you to get early and fast sleep. 

Try to Awake in Bed 

It is believed that if you try to wake up after going to bed at night then you will fall asleep early because  sometimes our brain follows reverse psychology. Reverse psychology means that whatever we try to  prevent ourselves from doing, our brain tells us to do the same thing. According to this theory, if we try  to wake up, it will try to put our minds to rest condition. 

Visualize Beautiful Moments 

When most people go to bed at night, wasteful and negative thoughts have a negative effect not only on  their mind but also on their sleep. Such frivolous thoughts only make a person suffer from mental stress.  If you want to avoid such situations and get a peaceful sleep, you should lie down in bed at night, close  your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize all the seen that make you happy. Think about all of the  scenes that bring you peace and contentment. This activity will create a pleasant atmosphere in your  mind and you will easily fall asleep while thinking about it all. 


This article described “How to sleep early and fast” with a variety of activities. Everyone loves their sleep  but some people find it very difficult to get a quick and restful dreams. As a result, they suffer from  sleeping disorders. This article is written to help such people. So anyone who suffers from a sleeping  disorder should read this article.

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