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Having Haters Is A Good Thing: Expert reviews 2022


With the name of this article, you may be wondering how is this possible having haters is a good thing because it is common sense that haters always think badly of you, he always tries to humiliate you in some way. Your hater can never think well of you. But how good it is to have a hater. So do not be worried, in today’s article I am going to share with you some interesting thoughts which after reading will change your view about haters completely. If you have any worries about your haters then after reading this article your worries will vanish completely. And you will start to think positively about your haters. So let’s start.

Who is a Hater?

First, you need to know, who the hater is. A hater is a person who never wants to see you succeed in life. He always plays dirty games with you and tries to disgrace you in every instant of life. He Jealous of your success and he rejoices with your failure. The more successful you are in your life, the more it will turn against you, and he will spread negativity about you. And vice versa the more you fail in life, the more his happiness will increase. So whoever you see these signs, understand that person is your hater.

What does it mean to have haters?

This is not only a point but also a question of what it means to have a hater in life. So it is very important for you to know that if you have haters in your life, it means that you are achieving some or other victories in your life that are burning the people around you and they are becoming haters of you.

Let’s put it simply if you do not have any success in your life, just keep your life simple, then no one will pay attention to you and you will never be noticed. But on the contrary, if you start trying to be victorious in your life, you will start to get noticed and people will start paying attention to you. In their eyes, you will become their competitor. They will be afraid that if you do not surpass them, your level of success will not be higher than theirs.

Then there will be two kinds of situations in this condition, those who are truly sincere to you will become your benefactors, and they will be your true supporters. And on the other hand, those who think you are a competitor for them will become your haters. 

Having Haters Is A Good Thing ( 7 Reasons )

Feel your victory

If you want to be successful in your life, you need to stop worrying about your haters and always celebrate your success and feel the taste of your victory. Because you are a problem for your haters, it is not a problem for you, so you should always ignore them and move on next victory.

How haters are Effective

So friends, we will now light up how the haters are effective in our life, Of course, you will be too excited to know that too. You will be very surprised to know that our haters play a significant role in our success, you may be thinking how.

Friends if you continue to live your life in a constant flow, your life will be continuously driven in the same flow. If you don’t try to change the way of your life, your life will never change. There is a well-known saying that God has never changed the condition of a nation that is unconscious of changing its condition. Success requires that we develop a curiosity to change. A curiosity that makes us thinks and arouses our emotion and pushes our life. This curiosity arises in us in two ways.

First is when we find situations that are very difficult to live in, we strive to change or get out of them. And second, when our haters increase. Yes, when our haters increase. They try to disgrace us at every stage of life, they try to break our spirits and they demotivate us, so we start struggling in our lives to answer such haters. We try to go ahead with our haters so that we can reply to their sarcastic remarks.

Having Haters is a Good Thing for a Businessman

If you are a businessman and you have haters then this is not a big problem for you because your haters always help you to be careful. That thing makes you heedful about your business dealings. And whenever marketing trends come along, your haters boost you up to follow those trends as a competition.

If you look in your society, you will also see some people who started business under very ordinary conditions and today they have become business tycoons in their area. Many of them have become business tycoons because of the threat of their haters. In simple words, haters are the fuel for your success.

Helps you to find a Right Way

Haters help you to distinguish between right and wrong. You may be thinking about how, let’s understand it with an example. If you are doing something that you think, will be very useful for you and you feel that it would be a beneficial step for you. So looking at your benefits, your haters will start opposing you, because in their eyes your success will be a thorn. So whenever that happens you will realize that you are doing the right thing.

On the other side, if you are doing something for which you do not know about the advantages or disadvantages, but your haters are supporting you in doing that work, then you should be understood that you are at fault because your haters will never support you in any type of work that will beneficial for you.

Helps you in Conflict Management

One of the great benefits of having haters is that they teach you how to deal with life’s conflicts and how to react in any controversial situation. Because your haters always try to create conflict and controversial situations for you, and when you have to deal with such types of situations for a long duration, then there will come a time when you will understand all the ways to handle these situations.

Make you special Among the Common People

Another benefit of haters is they make you special in the general public. They make you popular among the common peoples and help you to get people’s attention. All of these make you special even though you are ordinary. And people who did not know you also started to know about you. Because when your haters talk to other people about you, your mention will be safe in the subconscious mind of other people. And when you are mentioned to them over and over again, then their minds may become curious to know about you. Maybe some unknown people will try to get to know you and if you possess good qualities then those unknown can become your supporters. It can also increase your social gathering.

Assist you to Control Your Anger

Controlling your anger has been very difficult and challenging for everyone, and if you have haters it becomes even more difficult. If you always calmly and humbly react to the action of your haters, it will not only create a positive image for you, but you will also get a lot of help in controlling your anger. And controlling your anger will prove a clear victory for you. And it is also possible that your hater will become your benefactors because of your humble and calm behavior, and if that happens, it will be another victory for you.


The discussions and points of this article are clear proof of “having opponent is a good thing”. After reading this article you will also realize that how important a role haters play in our lives regarding our success. This article will change your opinion regarding your haters.

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