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Suno Tum Sitare ho book Overview : ALI SHERAZI


“Suno Tum Sitare ho”  book is written by Mr. Ali Sherazi. Mr. Ali Sherazi is well known on social media for his unique and creative thinking. Especially after the launch of this book, Ali Sherazi has become known all over Pakistan as a deep-thinking author. If we talk about Ali Sherazi’s life, then Ali Sherazi was a failed matriculation student.  A student who probably had no future. After failing matriculation, Ali Sherazi may never have thought that one day he would become a Ph.D. scholar and he would get offers of lecturer ships from seven major countries of the world. Mr. Ali Sherazi never imagined in his childhood that one day he would become famous all over Pakistan because of a book named” Suno Tum Sitare ho” he had written. Ali Sherazi has always believed in hard work and success through hard work.

Now we will talk about Ali Sherazi’s book “Suno Tum Sitare Ho”. As the name suggests this book addresses the stars that have stopped shining. In other words, this book addresses a person who lost hope in his life. This book has a positive effect on anyone who feels that his life is over, there was no purpose to his life. Every person who reads this book will surely feel a positive change in their life and in their thinking. This book will inexplicably illuminate this person’s life. And another thing that makes this book special that is the book not only teaches you about the world but also the hereafter or day judgment. This book will tell you, how you can connect yourself with the real creator of this universe.

                                    Suno Tum Sitare ho

Three core ideas of the book

  1.  How does a society rise and fall? And how we can improve our society.                                                                                              
  2.  What are the challenges and difficulties in the life of an ordinary man and how to react smartly to these difficulties. No matter what are the circumstances, he should never give up.                                                                                                                                    
  3. What is the responsibility of a common man for the evolution of the country and how does he have to fulfill these responsibilities.



 “Suno tum Sitare ho” In this book Mr. Ali Sherazi has described every aspect and every factor of life in considerable detail. His book shows how deeply he analyzes every side of life. This book speaks about human personality, social development, the relationship with Almighty Allah, the value of relationships, decision making, the importance of gratitude, the reasons for failure, and many such topics. Along with this,  Ali Sherazi has also narrated some instructive events of his life so that people can read them and get some advice.

In this article, today we will mention the elements and faces that make this book special for the public.

Personality Progress 

This is one of the most important topics in this book. How a person is engaged in personality progress as soon as he is born. The struggle for personality progress continues from birth to death, but despite such hard work,  some people fail in their personality progress. Why does this happen? What are the reasons why a person fails despite hard work? Mr. Ali Sherazi has explained all these things in very simple words.

Society Progress   

What is the role of social progress for the development of the country, what is the importance of social progress for the development of the country, what causes society to fail, and what causes it to prosper? All these things are described in this book. A society is a unit of its country. These small societies represent a country, which explains why social development is so important for the evolution of the country.

How to get a successful and satisfying life?

A study of this book will show how beautifully Ali Sherazi has proved that it is human nature to want to succeed. From the day a person comes out of his childhood, he starts creating some dreams in himself. Whether a person is rich or poor, he just wants to see himself successful. And to fulfill those dreams, he has to go through various difficult trials. If a person has experience of these difficult trials, he will be able to handle these situations well and will also wave the flag of his victory over them. But here the question arises as to how we can get the experience of difficult situations. You will find the answer to this question in the same book.

 Yes, if you want to know how to cope with life’s difficult trials, how to move beyond your limits, how to dream beyond your limits. Then you have to cultivate a passion for reading. You will also find out in this book how reading has changed people’s lives.

Personal Life     

Part of this book deals with Ali Sherazi’s personal life. After all, why Ali Sherazi described the events of his personal life in this book? The reason for this is that all that has been said about success in this book has been applied by Ali Sherazi in his life. He has developed a passion for reading, breaking his boundary and dreaming beyond that, he challenged himself in every difficult time and fulfilled these challenges well. After all his efforts, Mr. Ali Sherazi got this Position today. So he wants people to learn from his life.                                                                                                          Suno Tum Sitare ho



Obviously, the question that may come to one’s mind is why should we read this book? We should read this book because it describes every aspect of life that can affect the life of an ordinary person. This book describes every evil factor that corrupts society and negatively affects it. This book can be a shining example for a person who is going through any disappointment or is about to get frustrated… And the icing on the cake is that this book gives every educated person an idea of how he can use his academic ability for the development of the country. And at the same time, this book explains in great detail the reasons why an ordinary person fails in life.


Let’s talk about the price of this book. If we compare the price of this book with its quality, we will know that its price is much less than the quality. Because this book has about two hundred and fifty pages and each page is very clear and has high readability. And advanced ink has been used in its printing. These pages are wrapped in a very strong binding. As for the cover of this book very beautiful and colorful pictures have been used on its front cover. Overall the book’s quality meets all the standards of the quality. And the price of this book is only Rs.700 which is a very reasonable price in terms of its quality.

Order Method

 Now you may be thinking about how to order this book but don’t worry. In this article, you will be given complete guidance about the order method of this book. You can order Mr. Ali Shirazi’s book “Suno tum sitare ho” in two ways.

1 : To order online, click on the link below

Order Now

From there, fill out and submit the form to order this book. You will receive this book within a week.

 2:  If you want to order this book by TCS,   you can contact team Ali Sherazi and order this book by TCS.

The contact number of team is given below

+92 311 9600512

+92 300 3572889

Mr. Ali Sherazi claims that after reading this book, if your thinking does not change for the better, then you can return the book and take your money.

Suno Tum Sitare ho


  From reading this book, I came to know that the claim of Mr. Ali Sherazi regarding this book is absolutely correct. Because the way in which he has described in this book the challenges of life, and the reasons for a successful and unsuccessful life, the social development, the importance of the study for the evolution of the country is all commendable. Another thing that is very impressive and that is Ali Sherazi has not only mentioned these worldly aspects but also mentioned the Holy books and Sunnah and other religious aspects. He has a wonderful way to the importance of religion in man’s life in this book. After studying this book you will not only learn worldly knowledge but also will get information about Islam.

A topic in this book  “Naye raasto ke talash” which looks very interesting, by reading this topic, I realize that man should never stop after getting the achievement. He should start a new journey towards success. Because the life of human beings end, but the dream of success is not over.  That is why by reading this book, one seeks success even in failure.  And it also explains in great detail, how to eliminate these evil factors. This book promotes hope in our depressed society.    It has been observed for centuries that all the successful people in human history have had one thing in common and that they were very fond of reading books.

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