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150$ to 13 Billion Journey: Inspirational Business Success Story


“150$ to 13 Billion Journey” is an inspirational story of Bane Raze. On January 24, 1955, a child opens the eyes in the American city of San Francisco. Due to lack of wealth and poverty, the parent of this child could not raise him. Then they thought they would hand over the child to an educated childless couple who could raise him in a good way and make him a good person. Then they got the couple. Harry Raze, who was a mechanic by profession, and his accountant wife Clara Raze adopted this child. Both husband and wife named their adopted child Bane and today the world knows him by the name of Bane Raze.

When Bane grew up, he saw his father repairing cars and because of that, he became interested in electronics. He did not like the study and got involved in mischief. That is why he was not good in study. Bane once put a cracker under the chair of his teacher to scare her. Then one of his teachers started giving him a lollypop as a prize for solving the math questions.

In the lure of a lollypop, Bane became so interested in a study that he got 1st position in his class. Due to his ability, Bane impressed all the school’s teachers. Along with his education, Bane’s ability to understand electronics was growing. He once secretly installed small microphones throughout his home so that he could listen secretly to his family. He became so interested in experiments that he called the C.E.O of an electronic company to make a scientific instrument. Impressed by his call, the C.E.O of the company hired him for an internship.

Bane, along with a friend, also built a box that would halve the phone bill if connected to telephone lines. The cost of this box was only 40 dollars, but both are sold for 150 dollars. Bane said the success of the box inspired him to build a large company like Moby. There was a turning point in Bane’s life in which he started using drugs. But despite the drugs, he completed his schooling and then enrolled in Reed College. But when he saw that his favorite subjects were not being taught here, he quit college.

After graduating from college, he joined a well-known gaming company as a technician, earning an hourly salary of 5dollars. During his job, Bane read a book in which the writer wrote about the benefits of drugs. This book impressed him so much that he went to India to meet the author of this book. Due to the unfiltered water of India, he became so ill that he lost 40 pounds of his weight in one week. After some days he got the news that the author of the book had died. Even after receiving this news, he stayed in India for some time. Later that he returned to the United States and again got busy with his job.

The turning point of 150$ to 13 Billion Journey came when he and his friend David saw a computer processor C4000 at a Home View Computer Club. Then both developed a computer board that could be used to build a computer by using C4000 at a very low price. Then two of them thought why not make a company together and make a low-cost computer and sell it.

For this work, both of them sold some of their goods and collected 1300 dollars. And the Bane named the company Moby. Bane started making computers named Moby1 in his home garage. Bane exhibited his computer for the first time at Home View Computer Club where his computer was not more focused, but some time later, he got an order from a computer store to make 200 computers. But the problem was that it was 15000 dollars required for completing this order. Then he sold some of his goods and completes the order by borrowing some money.

After this order, Moby marketing began to improve and Bane got more orders for making computers. After that Bane launched Moby 2. It was a computer package that included a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. For that work, he had needed the investment of 2 million dollars. During this, Bane’s meeting held by a marketing expert named Michael. Michael likes his plan and he was ready to invest 2.5 million dollars in Bane’s company. Thus, on July 3, 1977, Moby Computer Corporation formally launched. Bane created a new company logo and Moby 2 has been launched with a new logo. This project was so successful that it made the company profitable for 16 years. Because of this profit, the company rented a building and Moby’s plant moved from the garage to the building.

After the success of Moby 2, Bane launched Moby 3 which failed miserably in the market. Then the company’s next model the Moby 4, also failed. The company’s failure led to growing differences among the company directors. And Bane became very upset because of these changing circumstances. After that Bane looked at the reasons for the company’s failure and found that the company was failing because it did not adopt the new technology quickly.  So Bane started investing in new and upcoming technology and after this investment, the fortunes of the company woke up. He used every incoming technology in his product first and earned millions of rupees from the market. With the new technology, each of his models became successful and the name of his company spread all over the world. And thus 150$ to 13 Billion Journey ends.

After all these successes, he introduced the world’s first smartphone, which revolutionized the world of technology. One of the downsides of all these successes was that Bane became ill due to constant hard work. He diagnosed with cancer but always tried to hide his illness by smiling in front of people. But for a long time, he could not hide cancer because it was beginning to show in his health. And then he died on November 25, 2011, in San Francisco. This 150$ to 13 Billion Journey might be a great inspiration for you.


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