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What Role Does Religion Play In Your Life: Strength Of Religion


what role does religion play in your life? To understand the role of religion in your life, first, you need to know what religion is. So everyone who believes in religion actually their primary belief is in God. And religion is the instructions and guidelines that are sent by God. You will wonder to know that on this planet every person believes in one God in different forms. Some people say it is nature, some say supernatural force, some say superhuman and some say, creator. Actually, these are all names indicate towards the superior entity and that is God. Maybe you have some questions regarding religion like is it necessary to follow a religion, why we obey religion, what importance religion has, and how religion affects our life. These common questions can arise in anyone’s mind.

So I will try to discuss all possible answers to these questions. So “what role does religion play in your life,” I think it is a very exciting topic because in this topic we can discuss all factors and impact of the above-mentioned questions.

Helps to make a framework

Religion helps in making an ethical and moral framework for our life. By approaching it you can know what role does religion play in your life. So we can say a religion-based framework is providing a scale by which we can know whether one’s behavior is within the circle of morality or not. And religion helps in added values of love, ethics, sympathy, and respect.

Identity of Cultural

In today’s world, it is common for people to pursue economic and material pursuits. It is a religion that plays an important role in establishing our relationship with God and in increasing the belief that there is a higher energy that works as a regulator in our lives. In this way, the components of prayer, sloganeering, praise, create a spiritual connection.

The Idea of Welfare

Every religion promotes its philosophy and the main purpose of this philosophy is to unite the people and work for their wellness and welfare. It will spread love, affection, compassion, and brotherhood in society.

Make you Happy

It is generally observed that religious persons are satisfied than non-religious people. The reason is that religious people have inner peace and tranquility because they believe in the afterlife. They believe that if they patiently endure the troubles, problems, or difficulties of this world, they will be rewarded after death. And believed that the life of this world is short-lived and that the life of the Hereafter is eternal. On the other hand, this world is everything for non-religious people. If they fail in this world they think that their whole life is over forever. And sometimes their depression level rises to the point where they commit suicide.

Improve Physical Health

As we know, every religion has a special way of praying. But no one knows the physical benefits of performing these prayers. When you perform any religious activity on daily basis, the muscles of your body that are used in religious activity become stronger. For example, when a Muslim prays five times a day, he first performs the ablution that gives him physical purity. After that, he stands up to pray. During prayer, when he bows then the muscles of his back and knees move. After that when he goes into prostration, the muscles of his elbow move along with the muscles of his back and knees.

Eliminate Evilness

Religious people believe that after death they have to answer to their God for their deeds. If they do evil deeds in this world then their God will punish them and if they do good deeds, they will be rewarded for it. This thinking keeps them away from all kinds of evil and such people always think that they should do as many good deeds as possible so that their God may reward them for it.

Make you a Hopeful person

People who practice religion never despair in their lives. Because no matter what problem or difficulty befalls them in their life, they are convinced that the problem has come from their God and He is the one who will take out them from it. That is why they turn to God and pray in all kinds of troubles. Because they never give up their lives. On the other hand, when non-religious people get into any trouble, they will try to find a solution to the problem, and when they cannot find a solution, they will fall into a state of despair and depression.

Pure Your Soul

Another great benefit of religion is that it gives us spiritual purity. Spiritual purity gives us a sense of inner contentment and peace. Spiritual purity also benefits us physically because it reduces our stress. Our blood pressure also stays normal due to less stress.

Eliminate the negative energy

When you take part in any religious activity with your own will then after performing, you will clearly feel positivity inside your body and soul. It will help to eliminate the negative energy of your body.


In this article, I completely elaborate on what role does religion play in your life. By reading this article you will observe that following religion brings happiness and makes life easier. So I am pretty sure if you properly follow the religion then you will see several positive changes in your life.


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