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How To Improve Communication Skills: 12 Practical Ways


“How to improve communication skills” is an interesting and valuable topic. Because it is directly linked with our career. If you have good and excellent communication skills then you can easily convince anyone. And I think it is a very huge advantage of excellent communication skills. I am completely sure that many people have concerns that how to improve communication skills. And it should be because it is too much important. With good and proactive communication skills we can solve many issues like dealing with clients, customers, guests, etc. I am sure some people are from management, some engineering, and some from politics or regardless of whatever field you are from. It is a very advantageous and valuable skill among all the fields.

First of all, I want to eliminate some myths which some people have in their minds. They think that to achieve proactive communication skills we need to learn very well English. It’s just a myth and it is not true. Remember that communication is an art and English is just a language and nothing more. Even after learning the English language, your communication skill can be loose. Yes, if you learn communication skills first and then implement the English language on it, so maybe it would be a great start for you to improve your communication skills. Now I will share some interesting and proactive strategies for improving communication skills.

strategies for improving communication skills

Listen, Listen and Listen

To enhance communication skills, it is much important that you listen first. And listening here means listen to everyone. Observe what people are saying or wanting to say to you. After observing all these things, you will see some mistakes in people’s conversations. Now you have to keep in mind that the mistakes you saw in people’s conversations should not be in your conversation.

Always prefer your listener

One thing to keep in mind whenever you are talking to someone is that your first priority should be the person you are talking to. It means that listening carefully to what is being said and responding appropriately. Don’t do anything which looks weird during the conversation. Like do not listen to any calls and don’t reply to any messages or emails. Try to finish the topic you are talking about first and then start another topic. The main benefit of this is that the person in front will be reassured that you are listening to him intentionally.

Try to talk in your mother language

If you know the person in front of you then it would be the icing on the cake for better communication, but if you don’t know him then do not be worried. Just try to find his mother language. In fact, the human always likes to speak in his mother tongue because the mother language always makes a person comfortable during the conversation. It’s human nature. And all you have to do is try to speak in your listener’s mother language.

Attractive body language

Always take special care of your body language whenever you are talking to someone. Because your body language can leave a heavy impact on your listener. This impact can be both good and bad. If you show with your body language that you are listening to him attentively, then it will be an impressive impact on your listener but if you don’t then, it would be a bad impact on your listener. The most interesting thing about body language is you can easily impress anyone because body language does not need any language. It’s just based upon your actions and reaction.

Check your message before you hit send

For good communication, skill is necessary that you check your message carefully before you say anything. The grammar of your message must be perfect. And also make sure that you are conveying the desired message through your speech.

Practice your skills

For better written and verbal communication skills it is equally important that you should practice your communication skills. You can use different methods for practice. Like sitting in front of a mirror talking to yourself and observing your conversation to see that is your conversation affects anyone. One of the benefits of practicing in front of a mirror is that you will get improved communication skills and you will build up confidence in your personality.

Convey Complete Message

During talks to anyone, it is important that, make sure you are proving a complete and relevant message to your listener. Try to find out what the person in front of you is asking you and give him complete and relevant information according to the required question. An incomplete or irrelevant message can create a negative impact on your listener.

Write things down

Whenever you go to a meeting or to give a presentation, make proper notes for yourself according to the topic and do not rely on your memory.

Sometimes it’s better to pick up the phone

If you want a lot to say to someone and emotions play a special role in your conversation then it would be better to call him than to email him. Sometimes email is better, but if your conversation is incomplete without emotions, then you should make a phone call to him.

Treat everyone equally

Never give more importance to one person and less to another. Don’t do that. Give equal importance to everyone. If you don’t, then it would be not good for you.

Think before you speak

Before you speak, think twice about what you are saying. Everything that comes out of your mouth affects the listener. So it is Important to pause and think before you say anything.

Maintain a positive attitude and keep smiling

A positive attitude has its own importance in communication skills. Whether you are talking on the phone or texting someone, try to maintain a positive attitude and keep a smile. Because it can create a positive image of you in other’s minds. By doing this you can easily attract anyone.

Bottom line:

The main purpose of this article is to provide you some advantageous strategies regarding how to improve communication skills. If you properly follow these mentioned strategies, then I am pretty sure one day you’ll succeed to enhance your communication skill.


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