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How To Find Hope When Depressed: A Real Dose Of Hope


If you are depressed and looking for hope, so don’t be worried because today’s article is how to find hope when depressed. I know a lot of questions are arising in your mind, but don’t worry, I will answer all of your questions. Before going ahead, it is important to know that what the difference between depression and hope is.  Depression is a condition in which our mood becomes sad and suffers from a psychological disorder. And it often happens when there is any work done against us or our thinking, and we are personally attached to this activity. All these things put us in a depressed state. But the matter is not over here because the hope begins from here.

So the second thing is what hope is. Hope is a support that provides us help to get out from depression. In other words, expecting of particular happening which can be favorable for you is called hope. Well, if we look deeply then you will find that depression and hope are opposite to each other but hope also exist because of depression and problems. In the previous article, I discuss  19 inspirational depression quotes to cherish your mood. Now I will share some very useful tips about how to find hope when depressed.

Tips about finding hope when depressed

Remember that it’s just your thoughts

Always remember one thing and that is your thoughts are just only thoughts. It is just your consideration and it is not real. I have noticed one thing when we are suffering from a depression state, then often our friends and family members tell us there is no hope. First of all, it is a very bad thing. They should not say to a depressed person there is no hope, but they should be encouraged so that the worried person gets a little bit of comfort. And the second thing is we should not believe in them because they just explain their views and it is not the truth. Just throw away their words and try to find solutions.

Remember your good memories

I am completely sure that you have done too many good things in your life, maybe these related to your friends, relatives, education career, hobby, etc. These things are left a very positive impact on your mind. Just remember all of these beautiful memories. You should make a list of all the beautiful memories it will be helpful for you to remember them. When you will think about your joyful moments it will create a beautiful smile on your face.

Don’t forget about your achievements

Every person on this beautiful planet got some achievements. And you are one of them. At any point when you feel depressed, then always remember your achievements and your winning moments. Remember the journey through which you got your success. Remember that what type of worries and difficulties was come along in your journey and how you overcome these obstacles. It will encourage your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Surround yourself with high hope, optimistic people

Try to find those people in your community who have the ability to watch the bright side of the objects. They are full of a positive attitude. When you feel depressed, then you should spend time with them and believe me, their positivity will be too much helpful for you to find hope.

Spent time in nature

When you feel depressed, then you should wake up early in the morning and spent some time in nature because the beauty of nature can attract the human mind. You should walk barefoot on the green grass, observe and feel your surroundings, like the smell of flowers, dewdrops on leaves, chirping birds, and most important sun rising scenes. When you explore nature, then these things will blow your mind. And believe me, it would be very helpful for you to get out of depression. Because it will make you feel energetic.

Have a goal

Do you have any target in your life, what is your ambition, What you have expected in the future regarding your career and where do you want to see yourself after five to ten years from now? Think positively about these questions and it will create a positive future image in your mind. After these positive imaginations, you will feel internal happiness. It often happens that we do not have a specific plan for our future and that’s why we worry about our future. So to eliminate depression you should make a goal of your life and feel the taste of your success in your imaginations.

Find someone to talk

Whenever you feel depressed, then you should look for someone who understands you and take care of your feelings. Share your problems, your thoughts with him. It will lighten the burden of your heart. And when he and you think together about the solution of your problem, then one or the other solution will be found.

Fight to get well

Firstly, I will recommend you to go to a doctor for proper medical treatment. Tell about the burden of your chest. If the medication is not effectively working on you then you need a therapist. And do you know there are many psychiatrists, therapists, and mental health clinics in your society? They will work for you to eliminate the depression. They will compassionately help to get you out from the depression and show you a direction towards hope. If you are a student then maybe they give you free treatment to reduce your stress. So stop wasting your time and money because it is valuable for you and get an appointment with any psychiatrist or therapist.

Feed your soul

If you have a lack of spiritual power inside you then there are high chances that you can fall into a depression state. So to prevent it you need to feed your soul with good deeds. For that purpose, you can pray to God and helps the people. It will amplify your spirituality.

Bottom Line:

In this article, I’ve completely described how to find hope when we are depressed. I also describe the relationship between hope and depression. So if you read this article full of your intentions and follow the mention methods, then surely you will find hope and get victory over your depression.

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