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How To Stop Ruminating Anxiety: Handle Your Unwanted Thoughts


Are you worried or ruminator I know sometimes it is a very annoying thing. So don’t be worried because today I am talking about how to stop ruminating anxiety. So anxiety is not always caused by what is happening in our life because it is more relevant to anticipation. As you know our brain is the controller of our body and it can anticipate those factors which can leave a deep impact on our life. Sometimes we waste our time and energy thinking about pointless happening and get worried. Believe me, it is just your assumptions because it will never happen.

When we worried then two portions of the brain that are very excited the first is called the orbital frontal cortex and the second is the anterior cingulate cortex. Sometimes the anterior cingulate cortex becomes very excited and we get stuck in our thoughts, images, and other relevant things. So it was the cycle of anxiety. Now I will talk about how to stop ruminating anxiety, and how we can overcome them. For this purpose, I will share some easy but very useful strategies. By using these techniques you can stop it easily.

So these certain techniques are given below:

Distract Yourself

When you feel that you are starting rumination then immediately distract yourself towards anything. Because the distraction can easily break your ruminations. For that purpose, look at different things around you, choose one thing that can easily distract you like you can call your friends, you can call any family member, you can watch the movie, draw a picture and read any favorite book, etc.

Change Anxiety Channel

Surely you are thinking that what an anxiety channel is. Let me explain, for example, you are going to give your exams and you are thinking that what will happen in exams, what type of questions will come, will I be capable to answer those questions, etc. These thoughts will start to ruminate you. So to prevent rumination anxiety then changes your anxiety channel. You can replace your thoughts, for example, if I concentrate on the exam’s preparation, then definitely I will pass it with high marks and secure a position. This technique will help you a lot to stop rumination.

Plan to take action

If any negative thought comes into your mind again and again, then you need to take action against it. Find the problem which linked with your negative thought, it would be better if you write it on a piece of paper. After that find all possible solutions to your problem and make a specific plan in your mind to address your problem. It will be very helpful to disrupt your ruminated thought. It will also show you a direction about how to stop ruminating anxiety and get rid of all negative thoughts. By doing this you can easily eliminate your negative thoughts. By elimination of your negative thoughts, that day will come very soon when you find that your mind is rumination-free now.

Positive Self-Talk

As you know to eliminate negative thoughts you should be positive. Our brains always listen to our talks. It doesn’t matter what you say to your mind, it will listen to you and a little bit react to it. If you will do negative talks with your mind, then it will react negatively and start ruminating negatively, but if you will do positively then it will react positively. For example, if you tell your mind, I cannot do this I am not capable of it then your mind starts believing in it. On the other side, if you tell your mind, I can do this and I will do this then. Believe me, your mind will create self-confidence inside you and you will feel the positive energy inside you.


Just observe yourself with having the ruminating thought. And you will notice that your body reacts to it and this thing will take away you from yourself. So you can use the mindfulness technique. With this technique, you can find yourself. And this technique will connect you to your living moment like who are you, what are you feeling, what type of pleasure fragrance existing around you, etc.

Cognitive Restructuring

In this technique, we restructure our thoughts. For that purpose, firstly we need to find our faulty thoughts because these thoughts making judgments and interpretations that are unhelpful and useless. After finding these negative thoughts you just need to distort them and restructuring them. For restructuring thoughts, there are several ways by which you can recreate them in positive thought. For example, you can use self-talk and be positive techniques. There are many other techniques by which you can restructure your thoughts. This technique will also help you to improve your mood and behavior.

Question your Thoughts

When we ruminate about negative thoughts, then we always make a major mistake and that is we never question ourselves regarding our thought. If we start observing our thoughts, then you will find that almost 95 percent of thoughts are useless. And when you start questioning yourself about your thoughts like is it real, is it really happen, how many chances of this happening after questioning about these thoughts you will find that these are all baseless and meaningless. When you realize that these thoughts are totally baseless then you will feel a little bit comfortable.

Readjust your life’s goals

If you set impractical, unrealistic, and unfeasible goals for your life, then there are high possibilities that your brain start ruminating. Because when you think about achieving your unrealistic goal, then you will find a too much difficult and impractical way. So this impractical way starts rumination in your mind.

So to prevent it readjusts your life’s goals. Make a feasible and achievable goal for your life. When you do this you will find that negative ruminations are no more now.

Bottom Line:

In this article, I completely describe the very useful techniques to stop ruminating anxiety. I know ruminating anxieties are very annoying, but if you follow these techniques and strategies, then it will very advantageous for your life.

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