Stock Exchange Abbreviations


Dollar-weighted Put/Call Ratio
$WPCR Dollar-Weighted Put-Call ratio
10Q Report on stock that businesses need to file with the Federal Government
2BV Stock symbol for Brightcove Inc. (Frankfort Stock Exchange)
50K Accounting Audit
AA Against Actuals
AAF Asset Allocation Fund
AANG Apple,Amazon,Netflix and Google
AAOE Abort All Open Exchanges
AAP Asset Allocation Plan
AAPP Average All-Pig Price
AARL Asset Allocation Related Liability
AASE Australian Associated Stock Exchange
AB Aktiebolag (Swedish, =Stock company)
ABI Associazione Bancaria Italiana (Association of Italian Bankers)
ABI Automated Broker Interface
ABIP Asset Based Income Program
ABS Asset-Backed Security
ABS Automated Bond System
ABS Asset Backed Securities
ABSC Asset Backed Securities Corporation
ABUK Abou Kir Fertilizers (stock symbol)
ACCESS American-Canadian Connection for Efficient Securities Settlement
ACCESS American Computerized Commodity Exchange System And Services
ACE AIBD (Association of International Bonds Dealers), Cedel, Euroclear