Religion Abbreviations


1HMOne Holy Man 
2CV2nd Commandment Violation 
3DThe Third Day 
3VM3 Vital Ministries 
5EEsh Esh El Beh Sheh 
666Hell or the symbol of the devil 
770770 Eastern Parkway The Chabad-Lubavitch movement headquarters 
A.D.Christian era (anno Domini [Lat.]) 
A99IDAnd Ninety-Nine Inside Dictators 
AAAnti Apostle 
AAAllahu Akbar = God is Great in Arabic 
AABCAccrediting Association of Bible Colleges 
AABCAsian American Baptist Church 
AABFAll Africa Baptist Fellowship 
AABSAustralasian Association of Buddhist Studies 
AACAmerican Anglican Council 
AACAlabama Alliance of Churches 
AACAll Angel Channel 
AACAAthletic Association of Catholic Academies 
AACCAmerican Association For Christian Counselors 
AACCAmerican Association of Christian Counselors 
AACCAll Africa Conference of Churches 
AACCAsian American Christian Collaborative 
AACCBAnglophone Africa Catholic Community Brussels