Regional Abbreviations

#SCSouthern California 
+94country code denoting Sri Lanka 
+977code denoting Nepal 
00Emergency/Maximum Priority (Birmingham, AL Radio Code) 
223East-West US 223 (not an acronym) 
3 E’S(Of Sustainability) Environmental Ethical Economic 
3RPRegional, Resilience and Response Plan 
4CFour Corners (AZ, CO, NM, UT) 
68212Postal code for Moernach, France 
AAAquele Abraco 
AAAIAdvertising Agencies Association of India 
AABSAfrican American Bold Savor 
AADAustralian Antarctic Division 
AADPAssociation of Applying and Developing Pharmacy 
AAFAAssociation of Accountants, Financial Workers and Auditors 
AAGGalatasaray Sports Club 
AAGSAsia Association for Global Studies 
AAIPAfghanistan Agricultural Inputs Project 
AAOIArchitects’ Alliance of Ireland 
AARLAddis Ababa Regional Laboratory 
AARMASEAN Armies Rifle Meet 
AASDAAsante Akim South District Assembly 
AASFAlcoholics Anonymous San Francisco 
AATWINAlliance Against Trafficking of Women and girls In Nepal 
AAUFAfrican American United Fund 
AAYAntyodaya Anna Yojana 
ABERDAberdeen (Scotland) 
ABRHSActon-Boxborough Regional High School 
ABRSDActon-Boxborough Regional School District 
ABSGAbia State Government 
ACAAAfghan Civil Aviation Authority 
ACBARAgency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief & Development 
ACEAfrican, Caribbean, and European 
ACEAmerican, Canadian, and English 
ACGRCAnalytical Center on Globalization and Regional Cooperation 
ACGRCAnalytical Centre on Globalisation and Regional Cooperation 
ACGRCAnalytical Centre on Globalization and Regional Cooperation 
ACMEAdvisory Committee on Mathematics Education 
ACPAfrican, Caribbean, and Pacific 
ACRCAlta California Regional Center 
ACRCAlta California Regional Center’s 
ACRDAlberni Clayoquot Regional District 
ACRDAlberni-Clayoquot Regional District 
ACRFAtlantic Coast Regional Fund 
ACRJAlbemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail 
ACRONYMAnti-Cronyism Movement 
ACRSSArchbishop Carney Regional Secondary School 
ACRTAAllen County Regional Transport Authority 
ACRTAAllen County Regional Transportation Authority 
ACSUSAssociation for Canadian Studies in the United States 
ACTAAfghan Coalition for Transparency and Accountability 
ACTDAfghanistan Center for Trainings and Development 
ADFNAkaitcho Dene First Nations 
ADSGAdamawa State Government 
AEAlmost European 
AE-AJ‘Ajmān, United Arab Emirates 
AE-AZAbū Z̧aby, United Arab Emirates 
AE-DUDubayy, United Arab Emirates 
AE-FUAl Fujayrah, United Arab Emirates 
AE-RKRa’s al Khaymah, United Arab Emirates 
AE-SHAsh Shāriqah, United Arab Emirates 
AE-UQUmm al Qaywayn, United Arab Emirates 
AEELSAssociation of English Education and Literature Students 
AEPAsia, Europe, Pacific 
AFDIAnnual Foreign Direct Investment 
AFRSAFAsia-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum 
AFTAAsean Free Trade Area 
AGArabian Gulf 
AGREAAnalysis Group for Regional Energy Alternatives 
AGSAustria, Germany, and Switzerland 
AHICAlmaguin Highlands Information Centre 
AIHRCAfghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission