Products Abbreviations

0xZero X electric motorcycle manufactured by Zero Motorcycles 
16°sestodecimo (page size) 
2000version 5.0 of Microsoft Windows 
24K24 Karat 
2PDTTwo-Pole Double-Throw 
4SRFour-channel Surround Sound 
4SRFour-shelf door mount Spice RackRate it:
4SR-15Four-Shelf door mount Spice Rack, 15 inches long 
4SR-18Four-shelf door mount Spice Rack, 18 inches long 
4SR-21Four-shelf door mount Spice Rack, 21 inches long 
4WALBFour-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes 
4WG4-pass Wet-back fire tube Boiler with Gun Burner 
4WNFour-port Wall plate, Nylon 
4WPFour-legged Work Platform 
4WPSeries 4 Worm gear Power winch 
4WWFour-Wheel WagonRate it:
4WWWater Wiggler Water Agitator, model 4 
4WWFour-Wheeled Walker 
883Referring to Harley Davidson’s 883cc motorcycle engine (not an acronym) 
95version 4.0 of Microsoft Windows 
98version 4.1 of Microsoft Windows 
AAAdjustable Arms