Museums Abbreviations

39FSMF 39th Fighter Squadron Museum Foundation  
44871 The Sovereign; a preserved steam locomotive in the UK.  
  82nd Airborne Division War Memorial Museum  
AAAM Association of African American Museums  
AACA Antique Automobile Club of America  
AACC African American Cultural Center  
AACC Afro American Cultural Center  
AACC African American Cultural Complex  
AACG Abbott Archive Commerce Graphics  
AAHM American Airpower Heritage Museum  
AALL Archival Association Leadership Listserv  
  American Alliance of Museums
AAM American Association of Museums  
AAM Aspen Art Museum  
AAMB Australian Aviation Museum Bankstown  
AAMB African American Museum of Beginnings  
AAMC Association of Art Museum Curators  
  American Association of Museums Curators Committee  
AAMD Association of Art Museum Directors  
  Art Museum Day  
AAMH Australian Association for Maritime History  
AAMLO African American Museum and Library at Oakland  
  African American Museum in Philadelphia  
AAMV American Association for Museum Volunteers  
AAMV American Association of Museum Volunteers