Marketing Abbreviations


One Day Delivery  
3B Best Buy Resources  
3E Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economically  
4P Product, Price, Place, Promotion  
4P Price, Product, Promotion, and Place  
A/O Acceptance of Order  
A4U Agency for you  
AAA Administrative Admission Antics
AAAC Avoid At Any Cost  
AAM Association for Accounting Marketing  
AAM Association of Accounting Marketing  
AAMP Association for Audience Marketing Professionals  
AAMP African American Marketing Professionals  
AAMP Adventure Activity Marketing Pros  
AARM Association for Advancement of Relationship Marketing  
AARM Association for the Advancement of Relationship Marketing  
AAV Average Auction Value  
AAVA Availability, Accountability, Visibility and Accessibility.  
AB Anushas Boutique  
ABM Advanced Biological Marketing  
ABM Account Based Marketing  
ABM Aesthetic Brand Marketing  
ACA All Correspondence Answered  
ACE Astounding Customer Excellence  
ACG Acomplishments, Completed, and Goals