Literacy Abbreviations


ABLEAudio Braille Literacy Enhancement 
ABOBNot Comparable; Afloat 
ACRABAccuracy, Credibility, Relevance, Author, Bias 
AELAdult Education and Literacy 
AELAdult Education Literacy 
AELDAdult Education And Literacy Development 
AETLAdvancing Excellence in Technological Literacy 
AFLIGAction For Literacy Interest Group 
AHLAAsian Health Literacy Association 
AIN’TIs Not 
ALAFAdult Literacy Achievement Framework 
ALANAdult Literacy Adult Numeracy 
ALANAdult Literacy And Numeracy 
ALEAAustralian Literacy Educators Association 
ALERTActive For Literacy And Environmental Renovation Task 
ALFAAccelerating Literacy For Adolescents 
ALLANAcademic Literacy Learning And Numeracy 
ALLCAustralian Language and Literacy Council 
ALLDAcademic Language and Literacy Diagnostic 
ALLLActive Learning Leads to Literacy 
ALNFAustralian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation 
ALNFAustralian Literacy Numeracy Foundation 
ALPAugustine Literacy Project 
ALRCAdult Literacy Research Center 
ALRCAdult Literacy Resource Center