Language & Literature Abbreviations

AADLArchitecture Analysis and Design Language 
AADLArchitecture Analysis Design Language 
AADLArchitecture Analysis Description Language 
AADLArchitecture Analysis and Description Language 
AADLArchitecture Analysis & Design Language 
AALAustralasian Association for Literature 
AALAAdvancing Academic Language for All 
AALAAsian Association for Language Assessment 
AALCAustralasian Association of Language Companies 
AALLAssociation for Academic Language and Learning 
AALSA A Language Services 
AAPPLAssessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages 
AASLAll About Speech Language 
AAWAntarctic Artists and Writers 
AAWAn Association of Writers 
AAWCAntarctic Artists and Writers Collective 
AAWPAustralasian Association of Writing Programs 
AAWWAsian American Writers’ Workshop 
ABBLA Bridge Bidding Language 
ABCAlways Be Creative 
ABCIAustrian Bilingual Classroom Initiative 
ABCLAudio Barix Control Language 
ABCLActor-Based Concurrent Language 
ABCLAllThingsTalk Binary Conversion Language 
ABELAdvanced Boolean Equation Language