Internet Abbreviations

# under HTML, ID= is replaced by # for CSS  
#! Rank Warning  
/R/ Requesting  
12223 it means you and ur lover will forever be together  
1EA One Each  
1RD 1st or 3rd  
25G 25 Gigabit  
2GB 2 Gigabyte  
2GTBT Too Good To Be True  
2K0 2KO Stands for the year 2000 and “beyond” entering into the metaverse  
2MOR Tomorrow  
2TC 2 Tower CHIMPS  
319009 google upside-down  
399 Memory Is Full  
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project  
3PAS Third Party Ad Server  
403 Deny Access To  
40G 40 Gigabit  
411 Information  
4EA For Ever Alone  
4KT 4 (forever) K (killing) T (them)  
4SHO For Sure  
4WX Internet Weather Information Center  
4XX 400 category of HTTP client error codes  
513 Login Unsupported  
528 Internet Unavailable  
7D The Seven Dimension , the 7 dimension or 7 dimension  
98083 Lyrics from Car seat headrest’s song ‘The Ending of Dramamine’  
🙂 Smile  
spitting sprised face  
:[ creaper  
😐 face palmed  
;3 winking cat face  
< > Open and Close when formatting a web page  
A%2FC A/C  
A/N Author’s Note  
a28 mode a28 Enhanced mode  
A2A Ask to Answer  
A2LD Alternative 2nd Level Domain  
A3 Anganwadi worker, Ashashayogini, ANM  
AABF Africa Asia Business Forum  
AAC African American Chats  
AAC Application Availability Concept  
AADC Age Appropriate Design Code  
AAID Association for Accountability and Internet Democracy  
AAIM American Association of Internet Media  
AAL The Anywhere Anytime Library  
AAPA Anti Anti Pokémon Alliance  
AAPU Alt.Arts.Poetry.Urban  
AAROHI Aarohi means going towards sucsess.  
AB Arjen Bot
AB Avatar Banner
ABB Anti-Brony BrotherHood
ABEM Alt.Binaries.Emulators.Misc
ABIGAIL Automated Bibliographic Information Gateway and Internet Link
ABMA Alt.Binaries.Mac.Applications
ABMA Alt.Binaries.Multimedia.Anime
ABNT Alt Binaries Nospam Teenfem
ABUC Anti Bad User Coalition
AC Apparently Confused
AC/DC Adam Chew Dance Crew
ACAB All Cats Are Beautiful
ACAB Always Carry A Bible
ACAO Access-Control-Allow-Origin
ACB Already Came Bro
ACE A Crappy E-mail
ACES Access Certificate for Electronic Services
ACF Alt Comp Freeware
ACHP Acceptable Content Hosting Policy
ACMV A Comercial de Monte Verde
ACOLUG Augmentative Communication Online Users Group
ACPA Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act
AD Active Directory
ADFD Antidepressiva Forum Deutschland
ADG Alt.Design.Graphics