IEEE Abbreviations

3DSCENWorkshop on Interpretation of 3D Scenes 
4PDTC4 Pole Double Throw Contact 
AAAuthor’s Addition 
AAACAssociation for the Advancement of Affective Computing 
AAEIEEE Workshop on Automotive Applications of Electronics 
ACAir Capacitor 
ACCAmerican Control Conference 
ACICAlarm Circuit and Indication Circuit 
ACSACIEEE Aerospace Computer Security Applications Conference 
ACSCAsilomar Conference on Circuits, Systems, and Computers 
ACSRGAbstract Client/Server Reachability Graph 
ACSSCAsilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers 
ACVIEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision 
ADDTCAdvance Direction Directed Trace Cache 
ADFSAustralian Data Fusion Symposium 
ADLForum on Research and Technology Advances in Digital Libraries 
AEROIEEE Aerospace Applications Conference 
AES-MIEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine 
AESSInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society 
AESSYMAESS Dayton Chapter SYMposium on Avionics in Conceptual System Planning 
AGBMAlexander Graham Bell Medal 
AHCAnnals of the History of Computing 
AIIAIEEE International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Applications 
AIMAsset Inspection Manual 
ALAcross the Line