Governmental Abbreviations

7USCA 7th United States Court of Appeals  
8CS 8 Canada Square  
A/E Attachments/Enclosures  
A4I Advanced Algorithms, Autonomy, and Artificial Intelligence  
A4I Advanced Algorithms, Autonomy, and Artificial Intelligence (A4I)  
A4NH Agriculture for Nutrition and Health  
A4S Accounting for Sustainability  
AA Attendance Allowance  
AA & QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General  
AACG Addis Ababa City Government  
AACI Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute  
AAD Australian Antarctic Division  
AAFC Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada  
AAIM Asian American Intercultural Ministry  
AAMEN African American Ministry Empowerment Network  
AAMI Above All Ministries International  
AANI Alumni Association of the National Institute (Nigeria)  
AAO Assumed adverse obstacle  
AAPST Agency of Agrarian Property of the State Treasury  
AARM Atheist Apologetics Research Ministry  
AAS Advanced Automation System  
AAS Aquatic Agricultural Systems  
AASC Assam Administrative Staff College  
AAT Australian Antarctic Territory  
ABA Architectural Barriers Act  
ABBM Application for Ballot By Mail  
ABDF Aboriginal Business Development Fund  
ABG Academic Business and Government  
ABI Agro Bio Institute (of Bulgaria)  
ABLES Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance  
ABOD Association Board of Directors  
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics  
AC-12 Anti-Corruption Unit 12  
ACA Agency for Cultural Affairs  
ACA Anti-Corruption Agency  
ACC Anti Corruption Commission  
ACC3 All Cargo Carrier from third country  
ACCCC Anti Corruption & Crime Control Committee  
ACCG Austrian Code of Corporate Governance  
ACCI Agencia Colombiana de Cooperacion Internacional  
ACCM Advisory Council for the Church’s Ministry  
ACCW Air Condition Coach 3tire  
ACEC Arab Commission for Education and Communication  
ACEG Association for Counselors and Educators in Government  
ACEG Association of Counselors and Educators in Government  
ACEG Amrita Center for Economics and Governance  
ACELG Amsterdam Centre for European Law and Governance  
ACFAC Academic Facility  
ACFC Agence de la consommation en matière financière du Canada  
ACFIC All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce  
ACGA American Center for Government Auditing
ACGB Apostolic Congress of Great Britain
ACGR Annual Corporate Governance Report
ACLG Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance
ACLG Academy On Capitalism and Limited Government
ACLG Approved Classification and Labelling Guide
ACMA Australian Communictions and Media Authority
ACOA Australia Coat Of Arms
ACOSS Agence Centrale des Organismes de Securite Sociale
ACPG Advisory Committee on Permanent Governance
ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers
ACRJ Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice
ACRO Australian Community Safety & Research Organisation
ACRO Assistant Chief Regulatory Officer
ACROSS Accelerated Commercial Release Operating Support System
ACSG Art Center Student Government
ACT Australian Capital Territory
ACWG Anti Corruption Working Group
AD After the Downfall
ADA Aeronautical Development Agency
ADA American Disability Act
ADC Actual Date of Confinement
ADCCI Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
ADCD Abu Dhabi Civil Defense
ADCS Association of Director of Children’s Services