Geology Abbreviations

22K22 Karat 
A-GPSAssisted Global Positioning System 
A-GPSAugmented Global Positioning System 
AADCAustralian Antarctic Data Centre 
AAGAssociation of American Geologists 
AAODAustralian Age of Dinosaurs 
AAPGAmerican Association of Petroleum Geologists 
AARSAsian Association of Remote Sensing 
AASRAnnual Aquaculture Statistics Report 
ABFZAngola Benguela Frontal Zone 
ABFZAzores Bank Fracture Zone 
ABFZAgua Blanca Fault Zone 
ABPAegean Blue Pearl 
ACAmerican Coast

ACEAmethyst Contrast Enhancer 
ACEAfter the Common Era 
ACHAki, Christoffersson, and Husebye 
ACIl’Association Cartographique Internationale 
ACMAutonomous Crack Monitoring 
ACPActive Control Point 
ACRAngelo Coast Range 
ACRCAustralian Crustal Research Centre 
ACRRAngelo Coast Range Reserve 
ACWIAll Country World Index