Geography Abbreviations

0DGZero Degrees Parallel 
AAGISAnn Arbor Geographic Information System 
AAIAmerican Avalanche Institute 
AFAlluvial Fan 
AGIOArkansas Geographic Information Office 
AGISAlbuquerque Geographic Information System 
AGISAirports Geographic Information Systems 
AGISAbuja Geographic Information Systems 
AGSApplied Geographic Solutions 
AGSAmerican Geographical Society 
AGTIAssociation of Geography Teachers of Ireland 
AGTIAssociation of Geography Teachers in Ireland 
AIMSAid Information Mapping Services 
ANWSAtlantic Named Windstorm 
APAsian Power 
APHGAP Human Geography 
APHGA P Human Geography 
BBDOBringing Biogeographic Data Online 
BGGBiology Geography and Geology 
BGNBoard on Geographic Names 
BGSGBusiness Geography Specialty Group 
BOLTSBorder, Orientation, Legend, Title, Scale 
BSTBritish Summer Time 
BUMPERBounce Mapper 
CBICity Building Institute