Funds Abbreviations

  • AAAF
Ark Angels Activator Fund 
AAAFAsian American Action Fund 
AAAFAsian American Advocacy Fund 
AAAFAskari Asset Allocation Fund 
AAEFAlbanian-American Enterprise Fund 
AAFAmandla AIDS Fund 
AAFRAmerican Association of Fund Raising 
AAIFAberdeen Asian Income Fund 
AAIFAnglo Adriatic Investment Fund 
AAMFArleen Auger Memorial Fund 
AAMFActive Allocation Mutual Fund 
AAOFAtlantic American Opportunities Fund 
AAOFAfrican American Opportunity Fund 
AATFAirport and Airway Trust Fund 
AAUFAfrican American Unity Fund 
AAUFAfrican American United Fund 
ABCFAfrica Biosciences Challenge Fund 
ABCPAsset-Backed Commercial PaperRate it:
ABFAsian Bond Fund 
ABFActors’ Benevolent Fund 
ABIFAboriginal Business Investment Fund 
ABIFArts Business Innovation Fund 
ABIFAfghanistan Business Innovation Fund 
ABSFAustralian Business Securitisation Fund 
ACEFAnimal Cruelty Exposure Fund