Finance Abbreviations

  • 3GM
God grace gadget money
3P Public-private partnership
500K 500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand)
A Amortization (Finance)
AAF Automatic Auto Finance
AAFA Association of Accounting and Finance Academicians
AAFC African Asset Finance Company
AAFH Aus Asia Finance Hub
AAFM American Academy of Financial Management
AAFR Annual Audited Financial Report
AAFR Audited Annual Financial Report
AAFS ABN AMRO Financial Services
AAFS Academy of Accounting Financial Studies
AAFT Austin Association of Financial Traders
ABF Asian Banking Finance
ABFI Alberta Breeder Finance Inc
ABFL Aditya Birla Finance Limited
AC Abatement Cost
AC Analysis of Covariance
ACAMS Association of Certified Anti Money-laundering Specialists
ACCF Amity College of Commerce and Finance
ACCF Advance Certificate in Corporate Finance
ACF Alternative Commercial Finance
ACFCS Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists
ACFI American Community Financial, Inc.