Engineering Abbreviations

40X40 times faster 
5GEFifth Generation Evolution 
AAACEAlbanian Americans in Architecture Construction and Engineering 
AAAEAsian Association for Agricultural Engineering 
AACEArchitecture Advanced Concepts and Engineering 
AACEArt Architecture Construction and Engineering 
AAEAeronautics and Astronautics Engineering 
AAEAtlantic Automotive Engineering 
AAEAcademy of Aerospace and Engineering 
AAEAdvanced Aeginian Engineering 
AAEEAssociate of Arts in Electrical Engineering 
AAEEArkansas Academy of Electrical Engineering 
AAESAnsett Aviation Engineering Services 
AAESAmerican Association of Engineering Societies 
AAMEArkansas Academy of Mechanical Engineering 
AAPApollo Applications Program 
AASEAcademic Association of Sales Engineering 
ABCAlberta Building Code 
ABCAccelerated Bridge Construction 
ABEBArchives in Biomedical Engineering Biotechnology 
ABEGApplied Biomedical Engineering Group 
ABOEPAmerican Board of Engineering Professionals 
ABSEAgent Based Software Engineering 
ACAcceptance Criteria 
AC-3Audio Codec 3